Cost of the School Day Parent Council Toolkit

National Parent Forum for Scotland (NPFS) and Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland (CPAG) are delighted to launch a national Cost of the School Day toolkit resource for Parent Councils across Scotland. Insufficient household income can mean that some children and young people don’t have the resources needed for school and can’t easily afford to […]

Sharing Learning, Sharing Assessment Report

The National Parent Forum of Scotland is pleased to publish “Sharing Learning, Sharing Assessment – A Report for Parents“. This Working Group was established by the NPFS to give particular consideration to the needs and views of parents as assessment in Curriculum for Excellence moves forward. We formed this working group because we were aware […]

Progression in a Nutshell

Children and young people progress in their learning in different ways. Progression in learning is built into the learning levels of the Broad General Education (early years to S3) and into the qualifications and awards of the Senior Phase (S4 to S6/ college). Assessment will ensure that children and young people are building on what […]

National Improvement Framework in a Nutshell

NPFS has developed a publication for parents which provides a helpful overview of the National Improvement Framework, launched by the First Minister on 6 January 2016.  The Framework is intended to drive both excellence and equity in Scottish education. Priorities will evolve over time to reflect emerging trends and will be reviewed annually. NPFS welcomes the […]

Learning Pathways in the Senior Phase and beyond

A learning pathways is a learner’s journey through education and learning. Courses, qualifications and learning experiences can be chosen at any age or stage of learners’ lives. These learning choices are steps along the learning pathway.

Digital Skills in a Nutshell

Careers in Digital Technology’  explains why young people should consider a career in digital technology in Scotland.  It looks at what skills are needed and the wealth of opportunity the industry in Scotland offers.  The guide recognises the digital technology industry might be relatively unknown for many parents, and tackles common myths about working in […]

Career Education: A World of Possibilities

NPFS has developed a publication for parents which provides a helpful introduction to the new programme of career education starting in the 2015/16 school year. Career education will deliver key entitlements to all of our children and young people. These will ensure that Scotland’s children acquire the skills and knowledge they need so that they can reach the futures that […]

Career Conversations in a Nutshell

We know that talking to your child about their future career can be tricky. That’s why The National Parent Forum of Scotland has joined forces again with Skills Development Scotland to help parents and carers talk about career decisions with their children.

Assessment in a Nutshell: National Qualifications

National Qualifications are: for young people in S4, S5, S6 and college as part of their Senior Phase in Curriculum for Excellence offered in a wide range of subjects and at different levels designed to progress learning. Most learners start their journey towards formal qualifications with National 4 and/or National 5 courses progressing from the […]

Let’s Talk Resource

What does a welcoming school look like? How do we support our children’s learning? How best can we work together to benefit our children? We are inviting everyone’s answers to the questions above – and we will continue to add to this resource. We have been asking teachers, parents, carers and families for their ideas […]

Publications Guide

Our new Publications Guide features links to all of NPFS’ resources for parents and learners. It provides a useful overview of the range of leaflets that we have produced, including summaries of Nationals 1-5 and new Highers and guides to topics such as skills, assessment, learner pathways and much more NPFS Publications Guide