About Us

What the Forum Does:

The Forum works in partnership with national and local government and other organisations involved in education and child wellbeing issues to ensure that parents play a full and equal role in education. The overall aim is to help every child to maximise their potential through their school life.

Specifically, the Forum:
  • provides a parental perspective at both a local and national level with a view to ensuring that all children achieve the best educational outcomes
  • works in partnership with all education authorities across Scotland
  • works in partnership with national government
  • identifies common educational issues of concern across Scotland and raises these issues with the appropriate bodies
  • provides parental representation to any appropriate organisation within the educational sector across Scotland where Scottish educational policy is being designed or discussed
  • communicates with NPFS representatives, the educational community and the wider community on educational related issues

How NPFS helps parents:

NPFS supports parents to get involved in their child’s education by:

  • running focus groups and online surveys for parents to have their say
  • holding national and local events such as conferences and information days
  • keeping parents up to date with the latest educational developments through their website, e-newsletter and social media channels
  • supporting local parent councils by providing advice, information and practical help
  • providing parent friendly information through the ‘…in a Nutshell’ series. The full range of nutshells can be viewed on our publications guide.