Sharing Learning, Sharing Assessment Report

The National Parent Forum of Scotland is pleased to publish “Sharing Learning, Sharing Assessment – A Report for Parents“. This Working Group was established by the NPFS to give particular consideration to the needs and views of parents as assessment in Curriculum for Excellence moves forward. We formed this working group because we were aware […]

Progression in a Nutshell

Children and young people progress in their learning in different ways. Progression in learning is built into the learning levels of the Broad General Education (early years to S3) and into the qualifications and awards of the Senior Phase (S4 to S6/ college). Assessment will ensure that children and young people are building on what […]

Learning Pathways in the Senior Phase and beyond

A learning pathways is a learner’s journey through education and learning. Courses, qualifications and learning experiences can be chosen at any age or stage of learners’ lives. These learning choices are steps along the learning pathway.

Assessment in a Nutshell: National Qualifications

National Qualifications are: for young people in S4, S5, S6 and college as part of their Senior Phase in Curriculum for Excellence offered in a wide range of subjects and at different levels designed to progress learning. Most learners start their journey towards formal qualifications with National 4 and/or National 5 courses progressing from the […]