Creativity in a Nutshell

The latest nutshell guide from SDS and the National Parent Forum of Scotland looking at Creativity, Enterprise and Employability is now available. Creativity skills are crucial for young people to improve how they problem solve, have ideas or come up with a new approach to an old issue. Creativity is also one of the most […]

Apprenticeships in a Nutshell

Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to gain skills while working – ‘earning while learning’. They used to be mainly for traditional trades, but this is definitely no longer the case. Scottish apprenticeships are supported by the Scottish Government and respond to industry to fill skills gaps and create a closer link between education […]

Skills in a Nutshell

Curriculum for Excellence is designed to provide all children and young people with opportunities for developing: skills for learning skills for life skills for work There are various definitions of ‘skills’. Broadly, a skill might be usefully defined as an activity that a learner undertakes, can do again, can apply to different circumstances and can […]

Digital Skills in a Nutshell

Careers in Digital Technology’  explains why young people should consider a career in digital technology in Scotland.  It looks at what skills are needed and the wealth of opportunity the industry in Scotland offers.  The guide recognises the digital technology industry might be relatively unknown for many parents, and tackles common myths about working in […]

Career Education: A World of Possibilities

NPFS has developed a publication for parents which provides a helpful introduction to the new programme of career education starting in the 2015/16 school year. Career education will deliver key entitlements to all of our children and young people. These will ensure that Scotland’s children acquire the skills and knowledge they need so that they can reach the futures that […]

Career Conversations in a Nutshell

We know that talking to your child about their future career can be tricky. That’s why The National Parent Forum of Scotland has joined forces again with Skills Development Scotland to help parents and carers talk about career decisions with their children.