Creativity skills are crucial for young people to improve how they problem solve, have ideas or come up with a new approach to an old issue. Creativity is also one of the most important qualities employers look for in their future workforce.

Our Creativity in a Nutshell helps parents find out about what Creativity means for their child, how it equips young people for life and employment and its transformative power. You can read it online here or alternatively, drop us a message and we can post you a hard copy.

Creativity is essential to improvement across every aspect of education. Creative Learning have contributed to Increases in Pupil Confidence, Resilience and Leadership. Creativity benefits all areas of the curriculum and helps to develop skills that children can use in all aspects of learning. Visually-based teaching and homework can be far more relevant, engaging and enjoyable for young ones to learn.

There is no denying that the world of work is changing. The critical skills required to be successful now focus on an individuals ability to problem solve, create and use their initiative.
Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan aims for a more creative Scotland, which will enable us to:
– Generate ideas that will allow us to rise to the challenges of a global economy and an endangered environment
– Invent and our Develop our technology to match our ever-advancing society
– Write the poems and stories that reflect and enrich who we are.

By engaging with creativity, children, young people and their families will see improved outcomes in all aspects of life. So make sure you encourage your children to start thinking creatively!

For more information about Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan click here.