At NPFS we are always delighted to hear about excellent examples of good practice within Scottish Schools.

Recently our East Lothian representative, Saddah Aziz shared with us details of a presentation that Elphinstone Primary School P6 and 7 pupils made to their parent council, discussing various aspects of their learning and wider achievement, and how these fit into the National Improvement Framework. The pupils have recently visited the Scottish Parliament Education Service where they impressed and surprised their MSP Iain Gray with their excellent questions.

The East Lothian parental involvement officer explained that it ‘represents an excellent understanding of how the children are fully engaged in their learner journey and understand all the national initiatives and how they fit together’ .

Saddah said: ‘I was very impressed to learn about the level of engagement and enthusiasm shown by the pupils and staff from Elphinstone school. The way they were supported to research and scrutinise the National Improvement Framework – NIF, make a presentation to their parent council, make use of the Scottish Parliament Education Service where they quizzed their local MSP, as well as embrace change are all very impressive. I can’t wait to meet them and to wish them a successful future.’


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