Is your teenager awaiting Exam results? Understanding the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework will help you make sense of their exam certificate and advise on future learning and career choices.  With your teenager’s SQA certificate they will get a profile sheet which includes their SCQF Profile.

The SCQF is a way of comparing Scottish qualifications. It covers the qualifications you will achieve at school, college and university, and many qualifications you may go on to achieve at work. It does this by giving each qualification a level and credit points. The level of a qualification shows how difficult the learning is.

The SCQF can:

• help you make the right learning choices and understand qualifications you are not familiar with;
• help employers understand different qualifications;
• help universities or colleges identify the level that you have studied in a particular subject; and
• recognise other areas of your learning that can help your personal development and goals for the future.

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