New Education Delivery Plan published

The Scottish Government has announced a new Delivery Plan for Education which aims to improve school performance and close the attainment gap. The Plan will:

  • Focus on closing the attainment gap by extending the reach, scope and investment of the Scottish Attainment Challenge over the next five years.
  • Launch a governance and funding review to examine the system changes required to empower schools, devolving funding and more decision-making to schools and communities.
  • Simplify Curriculum for Excellence and significantly streamline the current range of curriculum guidance for teachers, and introduce a simpler set of key resources for the profession by January 2017.
  • Invest in teachers and their skills to ensure we have highly qualified and empowered staff.
  • Move from a “culture of judgement” to a “system of judgement” to provide robust information on the education system to support improvement.

Read more about the Plan here.