Our “In a Nutshell” series provides parents, carers, professionals and others interested in all things Scottish Education with a wide variety of resources to help keep them in touch with policy changes, current events, subject matter and now, education reform.

This Nutshell guide was produced with support from the Scottish Government’s Parent and Learner Engagement Team.

You can download our latest Nutshell guide here: Education Reform in a Nutshell

Today we are launching a survey to gather input from parents and carers across Scotland as a follow-up to conversations around education reform that we have been having throughout the last 12 months. This survey focuses on creating a new national body responsible for qualifications and assessment.

You can dive right in and complete our survey here. If you’re interested in participating in one of our focus groups on this topic, register your interest here. If you’re an office bearer in a parent forum, parent council, or parent teacher association interested in setting up a local focus group on this issue, please email resources@npfs.org.uk for an info pack.

For background and further information, you can read the Scottish Government’s consultation paper on establishing a new qualifications body here. You can also complete the official Scottish Government survey here.