Join us online between the 5th-12th August for a series of online webinars in a range of topics including Creativity, Literacy, and STEM, for parents and children – helping you to support their learning and the transition back to full-time school.

Designed for Parents to help you to support your child’s learning, we invite you to learn together with your child(ren) in preparation for the new school year. All are welcome!

Follow the links below to sign up – please note you will have to register for each individual session that you would like to attend:

Wednesday 5th August 10am – Astronomy – Inspiring Pupils in Science, Glasgow Science Centre (Upper Primary/Secondary)

Wednesday 5th August 2pm– Unlocking the Potential of Picture Books, Scottish Book Trust (Lower Primary, ages 5-7)

Thursday 6th August 10am Creativity, Education Scotland (Primary)

Friday 7th August 10am – Bridging Picture Books and Chapter Books, Scottish Book Trust (Middle primary, ages 7-9)

Friday 7th August 2pm – Kitchen Chemistry, Aberdeen Science Centre (P2-P5)

Monday 10th August 11am – STEM Skills and Creativity with Dynamic Earth: Climate Science and Geology, Dynamic Earth (P7-S1)

Monday 10th August 2pm – ‘Feel the Forces’, Aberdeen Science Centre (P2-P5)

Tuesday 11th August 10am – Reigniting your Child’s Reading, Scottish Book Trust (Upper primary, ages 9-11)

Tuesday 11th August 2pm – Engaging Teens with Reading (Lower secondary, ages 12-14)

Wednesday 12th August 10am – Inspire and Challenge: Developing Scientific Thinking, Glasgow Science Centre (Upper Primary/Secondary)

Wednesday 12th 2pm – STEM Futures – Skills for Careers in Science, Glasgow Science Centre (Secondary)


All of our sessions will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel shortly after broadcast here.