Q&A with Deputy First Minister John Swinney: Further Information and Resources for Parents and Carers


Thank you for watching our online Q&A with Deputy First Minister John Swinney about education during Covid-19, the return to school in August, and blended learning. We are pleased so many parents took time to get involved in the session. We hope that the Q&A answered many of your questions.

For those unable to attend the session live or who would like to watch again, you can watch the Q&A in full on the NPFS YouTube channel here. There will also be the option to add subtitles on the recorded YouTube video.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions; we received vast numbers from parents across Scotland. These will be available to view on our website in due course, together with the additional questions and statements raised within the Q&A.

We read and collated all of your questions but, unfortunately, it was simply not possible to ask them all. We therefore posed questions that aimed to reflect the wide range of the questions we received. If you are looking for more information, we hope the links to the information below are helpful. If these resources do not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on office@npfs.org.uk, where we will try to answer your question or pass this on to someone who can help.