School Closures – Educational Resources for Parents and Families

With the news that schools will be closing from Friday, we know this will pose a challenge for parents and families.

During this challenging and uncertain time the NPFS aims to continue to support and represent parents and families to the best of our ability.

We have put together a list of education resources from a variety of organisations that may be of help to families at home. We will continue to update the list, and welcome any suggestions from you of resources you recommend or would like to see!


ADHD Foundation

The ADHD Foundation has produced an example of a daily schedule to help keep a routine when children are at home. This resource can be useful to all children, not just those with Additional Support Needs! The resource also includes images to create a visual schedule for children.


The BBC released a statement on 18th March 2020 detailing their plans to provide education resources during the school closures. You can find the statement in full here.

The BBC will continue to produce educational resources, however they already have a number of existing educational resources available for all ages on their BBC Scotland Learning site. You can find these here. 

BBC Learning Scotland Learning have created a Facebook Page for parents and carers to access learning content online. Follow the link above to join the group.

National Museums Scotland 

The National Museum of Scotland has a variety of innovative online resources which could be used as a creative way to learn at home.

For younger children, the museum has online learning games, videos, and resources that can be found here.

Much of the museum is also available to explore online. The museum have a youtube channel discussing information about their collections, a sketchfab site where some of their collections can be viewed online up-close in 3D, as well as a Google Maps Streetview setting where you can virtually visit the whole museum!

Tutorials for accessing GLOW

Some schools will likely be advising the children use GLOW for home learning during the school closures. If you do not have a computer at home, GLOW can also be accessed on an Xbox or Playstation. This youtube channel has useful tutorials on how to set up GLOW on an Xbox and Playstation.

My SQA Online

For young people, MySQA is an online portal for accessing information about their qualifications. Any pupil can register with their Scottish Candidate number (SCN) and an email address.


Twinkl offer a range of online learning resources for children of all ages, including resources which cover Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence. Twinkl are offering a free month of their ultimate subscription due to the school closures. You can sign up here and use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS to access your free month subscription.

First News Free Resources

First News offers non-fiction educational resources based on the news. The website has free tasters of their newspaper activity sheets, and due to school closures are offering a free 6 weeks of their iHub Portal due to the school closures.


Dr. Janet Goodall, a professor in education with a focus on parent’s engagement with children’s learning, has put together a Pinterest page with ideas of activities to support learning at home. The page features lots of creative ideas of ways for children to learn.

RBS Money Sense Financial Education Programme

Royal Bank of Scotland have a range of resources online for teaching children aged 5-18 about money, finance, and budgeting. These are free and available online here.

British Sign Language

British Sign Language (BSL)  are offering their 20 hour BSL course and CPD certification for free to under 18s by providing proof of age at the checkout. Children and young people can sign up to the course here.

World Book Reader

World Book Online have just made their collection of over 3000 ebooks and audio books available online free for children to access at home. Their website has books suitable for all ages!

National Geographic Kids

The website has a variety of resources and activities about nature. They also have a section that explains the science of coronavirus in a child-friendly way, as well as some reassurance for children and young people.

DK Find Out

The website has information, videos, and quizzes for children to find out about a variety of topics. Their website also has a parent tab with information about how to use the site and resources.

The Maths Factor

The Maths Factor, created by Carol Vorderman formerly of Countdown, is offering free online maths classes to children aged 4-12 years old. Find out more on their website.

The University of Edinburgh – Online Centre for Research Collections

For older children, Edinburgh University have resources from their Centre for Research Collections available to look through on their Flickr. The website features a range of historical images and texts, including maps, Shakespeare, and images from their collection on the history of medicine.

The Little Art School

The Little Art School are hosting free online art tutorials every day at 11am, starting on Thursday 26th March. The Daily Draw will provide art tuition to children aged 5-18 on their youtube channel.

Oxford Owl

The Oxford Owl has a range of free e-books and learning activities for ages 3-11. You can find the resources on their website.


iDEA is a website with opportunities to develop digital, enterprise, and employability skills for free. The website has a range of online modules for children to complete.

Crash Course Science

Crash Course Science has a kids area of their youtube channel, with videos covering a range of topics including Life Science, Physical Science, and Engineering.


The Open University has a range of free learning courses and resources on their website. These resources are aimed at young people and adults.


As well as the National Museum of Scotland (mentioned earlier), there are a range of museums from across the globe with online access to some of their exhibits. You can find a list of where to access them here.

Glasgow Science Centre 

The Glasgow Science Centre are doing live videos every day at 10am. Find out more on their website.


The website have a variety of phonics resources for a range of ages, and have made them free to use during the school closures. Simply login to their website with the Username: march20 Password: home


Families can request a free account with BrainPOP. The website has educational resources and activities relating to coronavirus and a range of other topics.

Call Scotland – Free Software for Use at Home

Call Scotland have put together a list of free software that can be used at home to support children with Additional Support Needs.


Dynamic Earth will be sharing content ranging from hands-on experiments that you can do at home, through to fascinating insights about the history of our planet and the science behind climate change.

Maths Chase

The Maths Chase website is a free home online learning tool where children can play times tables games, along with many other mathematics skill-based games!  The site features simple learning games which children can play at home.

Time for Inclusive Education 

The TIE Campaign have learning resources on their website, including an e-learning activity ‘What is Discrimination’. The e-learning module and other resources including information on LGBT history can be found on their website.

Scotland’s Enterprising Schools

Scotland’s Enterprising schools have daily online learning activities starting Monday 6th April. You can download the daily learning challenge workbook online.

The Red Cross 

The British Red Cross have free online learning resources to teach children and young people about how we can work together to help people in global crises such as the coronavirus outbreak. Their ‘Newsthink’ activity for children aged 11-18 looks at building resilience in crises as well as the role of kindness and emotional support. For children aged 7-18 they also have the ‘Kindness Calendar‘ activity to explore how we can practice kindness during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Scotland’s National Centre for Languages (SCILT)

SCILT have dedicated free resources to support parents and children with learning at home. They have free language resources for children in both primary and secondary school, covering a range of languages including Arabic, Gaelic, and Mandarin to name a few!

SCILT are also offering free real-time language courses for both primary and high school students. You can see the full programme of sessions and register here

Scottish Book Trust

The Scottish Book Trust’s Home Learning Hub has a range of reading resources for children of all ages including their Book Bug sessions for early years, creative writing, and learning activities based on popular children’s books.


Q-files is an educational resource, sometimes described as ‘Wikipedia for kids’. The site is ad-free and designed specifically for children; it’s colourful, easy to navigate and bursting with facts and images. The website also has a read-aloud function on every page. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and school closures, Q-Files are offering a free trial of their website up until the Summer holidays, you can sign up here for their free trial.

Children’s University Scotland 

Children’s University Scotland are posting a daily #ChallengeoftheDay, and their website also has a range of free activity sheets on their website.

Historic Environment Scotland

Historic Environment Scotland have free learning resources and activities on their website, including Gaelic activities, videos to explore historic landmarks, and creative activities.


CountOnUS have live tutorials on their Facebook page for both parents and children to support with learning maths at home. They also teaching activities for parents on their website. Daily maths challenges at various levels are also shared on their social media pages – and CountOnUs are happy to be contacted by parents who may be struggling with any maths concepts they are supporting their child with. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter, on on their website here.

Go Safe With Ziggy – Road Safety Scotland

Road Safety Scotland have lots of learning resources for the early years with their Go Safe With Ziggy Campaign. All of the resources are available free on their website.

Palace of Holyrood House

This summer, the palace of Holyrood House has launched a  Junior Warden Challenge. Each week children will travel through history with the help of their Palace of Holyroodhouse wardens, Holly and Rudy.

Discover a new story and complete challenges connected to famous royal residents linked to the Palace and Scotland’s past.

You can join in at any time over the summer. A new challenge will be added to this page every Tuesday until the end of July. Visit their website for more information.