New Free E-Learning Resource for Parents of Preterm Children.


Two to three children in an average sized class are likely to have been born preterm. Compared with children born after a full term pregnancy, children born preterm are at increased risk for cognitive, motor, attention, social-emotional problems and additional support needs, and for poor performance at school. Research has also shown that teachers and other education professionals currently receive little training about preterm birth and its effects on children’s learning and development. This new interactive e-learning resource helps support preterm born children in school.


Although the resource was designed primarily for education professionals, of the people that have used it so far, approximately 1/3 are parents. Parents often report that they can find it challenging to get the school to recognise that preterm birth may have impacted on their child’s development and learning, and in securing additional support in school. Using the resource and bringing it to the attention of teachers may help empower parents in this and help them seek support for their child.


The resource is completely free to use thanks to funding from children’s charity Action Medical Research and can be accessed by clicking here.


The resource was co-designed with parents of children born preterm and young adults themselves who were born preterm, along with a range of education professionals, to ensure it meets their needs. Evaluation of the resource shows that it has significantly improved teachers’ knowledge of the kinds of difficulties preterm born children may have at school and their confidence in how to support these children in the classroom.


Examples of Press Mentions:

The Times Educational Supplement (TES) published a dedicated article and podcast about the resource and about the educational needs of preterm born children more broadly.

The resource was also referred to in another more recent article in TES Scotland:


Examples of Feedback from Parents:

“I have just worked through the e-learning resource for educational professionals, and I finally feel as though someone “gets” my daughter. For 10 years, I’ve been made to feel by friends, teachers, fellow parents that I’m making a big fuss over nothing and worrying about issues that really aren’t that big a deal. I just wanted to say a massive thanks for creating this resource. It really is terrific.”

“This is an amazing resource for parents and teachers. As preterm mums we get so used to the usual advice and guidance not applying to our children… it feels nice to have something that hits the right spot.”

“Wow I’ve just had a chance to sit and look at your link properly – its like you are talking about my son, I’ve passed it on to some of the professionals involved with him, fantastic work thank you so much for sharing.”