Are you a young parent who might be interested in being part of BBC’s new project: Tiny Happy People?

Tiny Happy People is a new initiative from BBC Education aiming to help young parents (aged 18-34) develop their child’s language and communication skills, so they get the best start in life.
Language is the building block of all learning, and without language skills it is harder for children to learn how to read, write and use numbers. When children start school they should be able to speak to their new friends in full sentences, ask teachers simple questions and understand what they’re told to do. When they have these skills they’ll feel more confident and they’ll be happier.

Their project consists of 2 min videos, explaining to parents what is happening developmentally with their baby and how they can help that development with activities.

The age ranges we want to cover for this project are prebirth to 18 months. It is also important parents from all walks of life are represented so that their content is inclusive and relevant to all parents.

If you would like to get involved, you would be learning something interesting about your baby’s development as well as helping other parents across the UK through their shared experience.

For further information and to apply, contact: