This week is #ChallengePovertyWeek .


NPFS are proud to be supporting Challenge Poverty Week (7-13 October) because we want a more equal society where children and families are no longer in the grip of poverty.


Challenge Poverty Week is a chance for us to come together and look at the kind of society we want to live in. In a just and compassionate society it simply can’t be right that so many people are trapped in poverty. By boosting incomes and reducing the cost of living we can loosen the grip of poverty in Scotland.

Follow @CPW_Scotland and @PovertyAlliance on Twitter and facebook to find out more each day.

Each day covers an important theme related to poverty:
Monday = Overview of poverty in Scotland, its causes and solutions
Tuesday = Employment and in-work poverty
Wednesday = Social Security
Thursday = Gender
Friday = Public services (e.g. transport, health, education, housing)
Saturday = Disability
Sunday = Race


Click here to view the official website.

#ChallengePoverty          #AyeWeCan