Have you heard of Resolve: ASL Mediation Service? It is the largest mediation provider in Scotland. Their latest newsletter is out now. It features an interview with Resolve mediator, Pauline Linn, and an update on their ‘Steps to Success’ guide.
+Their service is free for parents / carers and children and young people.
+They offer a network of fully trained, experienced mediators in neutral venues and operate with a child-centered approach.
+Their emphasis is on building trust and understanding to promote effective parent / professional relationships and communication.
Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, situations can arise which cause disagreements. Misunderstandings, lack of shared information and different perceptions can be addressed through mediators helping parents and education staff to talk and listen effectively and directly with one another. Resolve: ASL Mediators offer workplace mediation as a successful way to resolve conflict and disagreements in your workplace setting.