Outdoor Play and Learning is so important for our children.
This generation of Children spend on average four hours outside a week – that is half the time of their parent’s generation. 2 in 3 Children Play Outside for less than 1.5hr/day (that’s less than 2hr guideline for prisoners in the US!)

As parents, you can do your bit to encourage your children to get outside more!

These two newspaper articles explain only a few of the extensive benefits for children who play outside, as well as some initiatives happening across Scotland. NPFS have always been a proud supporter of Outdoor Learning and Outdoor Play.

1) Outdoor Play gets Funding Boost: The growth in outdoor nurseries has been hailed as a hugely beneficial step in getting children away from computer and TV screens and into the great outdoors – whatever the weather. 👉 click here.

2) Why a Place for Kids to Play Outside Helps to make for Happier Childhoods: Welcome to street play – a community-based approach to encouraging children back out to play that campaigners insist should be rolled out right across Scotland. 👉 click here.