Each year, ‘Together’ publish the State of Children’s Rights in Scotland Report. This Report monitors the implementation in Scotland of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The aim is to incorporate UNCRC principles into Domestic Law.

The Article from the 2018 State of Children’s Rights Report has been published. NPFS are very pleased to announce that this article is based on Aberlour and NPFS’s case study on ‘Parental Support.’ This Article can be read by clicking below:

What kind of Scotland? Children’s Parliament

Parents play a crucial role in helping young people access their rights. However, their ability depends on the support and resources available to them. Governments should have a responsibility to help parents care for their children. The best interests of the child must be at the centre of every decision. A child’s life will have fewer disruptions if parents are given adequate support at the right time and are always included in decisions affecting the support their individual circumstance needs.

Incorporating UNCRC would help to ensure that children’s rights are recognised, by working with parents to identify the type of support the family needs.