Children in Scotland’s 25 Calls Campaign, to Change Children’s Lives for the Better, celebrates their 25th anniversary.

25 Calls is a plan of action which will contribute to children rights and ensure that children experience equality in the future. 25 Calls sets out to achieve real change. View Children in Scotlands 25 Calls website here.

Call 10: It’s time to agree a common set of values in the digital world. 

Today Joanna, Chair of NPFS, responded to Call 10 and highlighted that:
– Dialogue, communication and relationships are key to a healthy digital life for both children and parents,
– Good parental engagement at schools will help to educate and support parents in using the digital world to their advantage,
– Children learn through digital practices, so Digital is an area of engagement we need to improve.

You can read Joanna’s full response by clicking here:  

NPFS have created our Clicked Social Media Resources aimed for parents, parent councils and schools. They are designed to help improve the experience for everyone. You can download them here or please contact us ( and we can send you hard copies. They are a brilliant resource to help you think Smart, about Safety,  about the Community, about your School and about the Law.