National Numeracy Day: 15th May 2019

Numbers are so important in everyone’s lives. They are all around us. We use them every day:

  • Cooking
  • Shopping and working out whether supermarket deals are really worth it
  • Splitting the bill after dinner
  • Paying bills

NPFS are proud to be a Champion of National Numeracy Day, the annual celebration of numbers. Numeracy skills in the UK are poor. The average cost to individuals with poor number skills is £460 a year. But, getting involved with National Numeracy Day is a step in the right direction to changing this. We want people to feel more confident with numbers.

Nearly half the working-age population have the numeracy skills of a primary school child. Have you got the essentials of numeracy? Take their challenge to find out! Click here.

NPFS wants parents to encourage their children to engage with numbers and to recognise the value and presence of numbers in everyday life.

  • Point out to your children when you use maths in your family’s daily life
  • Encourage them to use their maths skills, for example keeping a track of the total cost of your groceries

There will be loads of fun activities for you and your children to engage with together including baking a cake, measuring their favourite teddy and riddles!