The UK is one of the world’s leading digital nations, and as such, our ability to secure our technology, data and networks from the increasingly frequent and sophisticated threat of cyber attack is a priority. The Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy 2016 to 2021 in the UK wide action plan to make us secure and resilient in cyberspace.

A key part of the Strategy is encouraging more young people onto this exciting and challenging career path, in a field which is currently facing a significant shortage of trained professionals. To help introduce cyber security as a profession to more young people, last November the UK Government launched its landmark cyber security training programme aimed at 14-18-year-olds – ‘Cyber Discovery’. Last year, nearly 24,000 students had a go at the initial assessment – CyberStart Assess. From there, thousands of students progressed through the subsequent stages, CyberStart Game and CyberStart Essentials, before the top 170 students participated in a face to face CyberStart Elite camp.

This programme is being rolled out further, giving Scottish teenagers the exciting opportunity to join Cyber Discovery. Registration is now open for the year two intake. Please note, registration will close on 7th January 2019.

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As well as encouraging students to take part in this first stage of the programme, Cyber Discovery are also looking for schools, parents and other volunteers to set up and host extracurricular Cyber Discovery clubs. These volunteers can become club leaders and provide students with guidance, motivation and support throughout the programme. No prior knowledge of cyber security is required as most of the programme is delivered online through a gamified learning platform that is designed to encourage young people to progress independently. Whether you are a careers advisor, head of year or languages teacher, or in fact a parent who works in the cyber security industry already, the only requirement is the ability to encourage young people to succeed.

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