We are proud to support EIS, Scotland’s largest and most effective education trade union, in their call for local & national government to Change the Tune and invest in instrumental music.

The Charter for Instrumental Music publication, originally launched back in 2011, campaigns to give every child the right to learn to play a musical instrument and to develop their ability to sing. Instrumental music services across the country have been subject to massive budget cuts recently, seeing Local Authorities introducing or increasing costs for music tuition in our schools. This has prompted a relaunch of the updated publication, calling not only for recognition of the fantastic work done by music teachers and students, but also actively seeking the support of everyone concerned with challenging the cuts and protecting the service.

Our own research carried out back in October highlighted how these cuts are directly affecting children and families across Scotland, with many of you getting in touch to share your stories with us. Our Chair, Joanna, has voiced this opinion on your behalf within the publication.

You can take a look at this landmark publication, the Charter for Instrumental Music, by clicking here.