It’s unfair that more and more children are living under the grip of poverty in Scotland, with predictions that child poverty is set to rise to 1 in 3 children by 2021. No single sector or profession can eradicate child poverty alone- collaborative efforts across health, education, third sector and other community partners are key in helping to face up to child poverty.

Following on from our previous update on the fantastic work being done by Child Poverty Action Group Scotland (CPAG) and NHS Scotland, we are pleased to share the latest Cost of the School Day resources.

The NHS Health Scotland have recorded three new videos discussing examples of local action relating to school uniforms, holiday programmes and income maximisation which you can view by clicking here.

CPAG have released the first in a series of insight papers on the Cost of the School Day, focusing on how schools across Scotland are addressing the financial barriers faced by children and families on low incomes. The first in the series focuses on what can be done in schools to support children and families with school uniform. It presents the wide range of interventions and approaches going on across the country and the impact this can have on children, families and on the school. You can access this by clicking here.