As many of you will know, the Scottish Government are keen to ensure that the Gaelic language has a sustainable future here is Scotland, introducing many initiatives to preserve our heritage through their Gaelic Language Plan. Scottish Book Trust are supporting the government’s ambition through their Gaelic Bookbug Programme.

Firstly, there are now Gaelic Bookbug Sessions taking place all over Scotland. These sessions provide a perfect platform for young children, and their adults, to explore Gaelic as a completely new language in a fun and interactive way, or to strengthen their existing language skills.

There are a number of Gaelic songs and rhymes in the Bookbug Song and Rhyme Library. The lyrics for all of the songs and rhymes are available, to support the learning of the language.

Families who already speak Gaelic, or are interested in learning Gaelic, can also request free Gaelic Bookbug Bags for their children. These are offered alongside the corresponding Bookbug Bags in English.

For all the details, click here to visit the Scottish Book Trust website.