Worrinots App- a safe place to share their fears and anxieties

The mental health of our children and young people is a huge concern, with research suggesting that 10% of children in the UK experience a mental health problem of some sort between the ages of 5 and 16.

Developed with the help of child psychologists, counsellors and teachers, award winning ‘The Worrinots’ app provides children with a safe place to share their fears and anxieties.

The Worrinots app has been designed specifically for primary school age children to encourage learning, understanding and the language of emotions and feelings. The app is a safe platform where children can engage with the characters to share what might make them anxious, cause distress or upset them and their focus on learning. Within The Worrinots app, age appropriate tips have been co-written and verified by a BACP registered counsellor, so children can turn to trusted tips and tactics in a secure environment to gain tips and coping mechanisms that can last a lifetime. The philosophy of The Worrinots developers is firmly based around early intervention- believing that being proactive with children’s well-being is much more useful than being reactive.

There are two versions of Worrinots- a Family Edition, for parents/carers and also a School Edition for teachers to engage with the pupils in their care. The parent/carer or teacher downloads the adult version of the app, and can monitor the child’s activity, communicating with the child if necessary.

The Family edition is free (although there is an optional fee of £1.29 per month or £9.99 per year for additional functions.)
The School Edition is £2.89 per year per pupil.

The app won Children’s & Education app of the year at the end of 2017 and boasts high levels of security, no in app purchasing or advertising and no links to external websites. This is reassuring for adults knowing their children are in a safe place when their children are engaging with The Worrinots.

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