Back in 2012, the Scottish Government looked to the future, and which skills would be particularly important for the next generations of our workforce. Recognising the need for relevant language skills as a key part of our future as an integral part of a global society, they set out an ambitious and challenging agenda for language learning and teaching in Scotland’s schools- the 1+2 Approach. Simply put, our children will learn to communicate effectively in both their mother tongue and also in two additional languages.

Children will begin to learn a second language no later than P1, (often this is introduced in the Nursery stage), which they will continue to learn until the end of S3, and beyond into Higher level should they wish. They will also begin a third language no later than P5. Many schools go beyond this, providing their pupils with the basics of multiple languages.

This initiative is ongoing, with schools continuing to work towards fully implementing the plan, helping young people develop the skills and knowledge they will need in the workplace of the future, in particular in the areas of STEM and digital skills.

Scotland’s National Centre for Languages (SCILT) have put together a helpful leaflet for parents and carers which you can access by clicking here.