John Swinney – A Message to Parents

We were delighted to welcome John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills to our full forum meeting on Sept 17th in Edinburgh.  Mr Swinney spoke to our volunteer representatives about his plans for Scottish Education, and this was followed by a lively discussion.

Closing the session our Chair Joanna Murphy asked what message Mr Swinney would like our representatives to take back to parents, Mr Swinney replied:

-that parents have the opportunity to shape Governance in Scotland, and Mr Swinney wants to hear from them loud and clear.

-that he was leaving the meeting with the clear message that Scottish Government are not communicating well to parents, and that there are worries around resources, particularly for children with Additional Support Needs.

-and that Mr Swinney would ‘ like you to be part of our journey to close the attainment gap’.

6 thoughts on “John Swinney – A Message to Parents

  1. Hi Chair , Why were members of the parent forums of every school not informed or invited to the meeting of the 17/9/2016 with the cabinet secretary was this disability discrimination, religious discrimination, political discrimination ,

    1. Hi Martin,
      The meeting Mr Swinney attended was for our NPFS volunteers and their deputes, to hear more about the delivery plan, and ask questions, it was not a public event.
      Kind regards,

  2. Was there a sense that the SG is going to publicise parent councils again, to try and make parents aware of just how positive and influential they can be when they’re used to their full potential?

    Our experience has been that the parent council can engage at a policy level with the school, as well as dealing with day-to-day concerns. But for a long time, that wasn’t happening because most parents saw the parent council as a pointless forum for moaning.

    If parents were aware of just what a parent council can achieve and the benefits to them and their children of being involved, then I think the instruments created by the Scottish Schools Parental Involvement Act would be far better used than they are now.

  3. If the SG are genuinely interested in opinions of Parents and /or Parent Councils – why are the survey links not circulated via all schools so that those who wish to take part can have their say?

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