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We have a range of publications for parents. A selection is available on this page and you can view more by searching/browsing our downloads.

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Assessing and Sharing Progress (BGE)

Assessing and sharing progress is a continuous process between the learner, the teacher, parents and the school. This document details assessment in Broad General Education (Early Years to the end of S3)

Assessment in a Nutshell: National Qualifications

Assessment is how learners, parents, schools, colleges and the SQA know that pupils havedemonstrated the required knowledge and skills to gain their National Qualifications (Typically from S4 to S6)

The Curriculum for Excellence Learner Journey

A visual explanation of the CfE Learner Journey through BGE and National Qualifications. This document outlines the key aspects of CfE such as the focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing; Personalisation and Choice and the eight curricular areas.

Career Conversations in a Nutshell

Career conversations start early. From a young age, children talk about what they like to do, their interests, what they are good at and about their hopes and dreams. As adults, how we respond to these casual chats is hugely influential. We often rely on our own experiences to inform these discussions. In this guide, we provide hints and tips on how to have constructive career conversations with your child and where to look for further information.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) careers advisers help us to navigate some of the challenges of career conversations and young people share their ideas on how we can best support
them as they face choices and decisions.

Career Education: A World of Possibilities

Welcome to our Introduction to Career Education. Written for parents/carers by parents, this guide gives you important information about the exciting new programme of career education.

Digital Skills in a Nutshell

The Scots have long been a nation of innovators. We can claim to have invented television, radar, the telephone, penicillin and much more. And we’re still changing
the world in 2017 – only now it’s through our dynamic and thriving digital technology industry. It’s one of the major success stories of modern Scotland – and, with the right skills, your daughter or son could be part of it.

Learning Pathways in the Senior Phase and beyond

A learning pathways is a learner’s journey through education and learning. Courses, qualifications and learning experiences can be chosen at any age or stage of learners’ lives. These learning choices are steps along the learning pathway.

Let’s Talk Resource for Parents

National Improvement Framework

Supporting Learning and Revision

Progression in a Nutshell