Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006. A Call for Evidence from Educationalists and organisations with education and families remit

As referenced in the Delivery Plan for Education, The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) are conducting a review into the impact, successes and failings of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 and surrounding policy framework on involving and engaging parents.  The NPFS looks to incorporate the opinions of many stakeholders into this review.

Education staff, Local Authorities and supporting organisations have seen the level of change in the education environment over the last ten years and when this is taken with the shift in the dynamics of the Scottish population and advances in technology and information availability we are trying to ascertain if the Act is fit for purpose. We ask what recommendations we can put to parents, teachers, school leaders, local authorities and Ministers to try to ensure support from every level to give the young people of Scotland the tools they require to succeed.

Scottish Government November press release 

This review aims to :

• to identify and celebrate what has been achieved in 10 years, ie. to identify “what works” and what has worked over the last 10 years;

• to consider the impact of the Parental Involvement Act and the extent to which it has achieved it original aims under all three strands of the legislative and policy framework – Learning at Home, Home/School Partnership and Parental Representation;

• to take account of more recent developments including the renewed emphasis on raising attainment and closing the gap, the National Improvement Framework, Scottish Attainment Challenge and innovative models of parent involvement – and consider how the policy and approach to parental involvement should respond to these priorities in future, and;

• to make recommendations to Scottish Ministers on the future policy and legal framework on parental engagement .

We welcome your views on all of the above in this open call for evidence.

Responses can be submitted using the online form or by email to

The Call for Evidence closes on 6th November 2016

If you are also a parent we would encourage you to complete the parental view call for evidence which looks at the review from a parents perspective.   Link to Parents survey