Strategic Review of Learning Provision for Children and Young People with Complex Additional Support Needs (The Doran Review)

Message from Billy Gibson ASN Lead NPFS

Dear Parents, Carers and legal Guardians

I would like to invite you to respond to the Doran Review Call for Evidence, check which opens from Monday 13 February 2012 until 11pm on Friday 16 March 2012.

The Scottish Government has commissioned me to undertake an independent review of learning provision for children and young people with complex additional support needs (The Doran Review).

The Doran Review is currently looking at how best to provide education for Scottish children and young people with the most complex learning needs.

Children and young people with additional support needs may attend a mainstream nursery or school in their local education authority or a specialist nursery, day or residential school, within or outside their home area. They require individualised programmes of support from educational services and other services such as health, social work and voluntary organisations.

Children and young people with complex additional support needs may face multiple barriers to their learning and development, due to factors relating to the learning environment, family circumstances, disability or health needs or a combination of these. To make progress and achieve their potential, they require assistance from specialist professionals in addition to parents/carers, teachers and education. In some cases, children may require exceptional arrangements to meet their education and care needs.

The Doran Review is considering how well the assessment, support, funding and decision making processes that already exist locally and nationally are working. The Review will use its findings to make recommendations to the Scottish Government by Summer 2012 as to how these aspects could be improved or changed.

This review completed its first phase of work in October 2011, and the interim report can be accessed via the following link:

We entered our second phase of work in November 2011, and as part of the work of this phase, a number of evidence gathering exercises are now taking place. It is with regards to one of these exercises, the call for evidence that I am writing to you.

The Call for Evidence

The Call for Evidence consists of a questionnaire with a series of questions relating to the remit set out for the Review’s second phase. The questionnaire is divided into several sections and each section begins with a brief explanation.

I hope that this call for evidence will allow the review an opportunity to gather a wide range of views from stakeholders with an interest in the review. We are keen to hear from as many individuals and organisations as possible and would be grateful if you circulate this to others who may have interest in the review.

The responses to this will form an important part of the evidence base for the review, which will inform my final recommendations.

There will also be further engagement activities taking place over the next few months and information will be provided through the Doran Review website at Also, if you wish to contact me or a member of the Doran Review team, please do so using the contact details at the top of this page.

Steps to completing the Call for Evidence questionnaire

1. Please consider the attached questions.

2. These questions fall under the remit of phase 2, and whilst these are comprehensive, I recognise that you may wish to provide your own comments on the issues. You have the opportunity to do this in the final question.

3. Our preferred method of collecting responses is online, and you can submit your response via the form at the following link:

4. It would help us greatly if you could respond using the online form. This should be a quick and easy way to provide responses and comments on our questions, and will allow your responses to be analysed easily and efficiently.

5. However, please note that the online form must be completed in one session; does not offer a ‘Back’ button, and there is a maximum answer length for each question of 4000 characters – about one A4 page of text. You can cut and paste text on to it.

6. However, we do recognise that some who wish to respond may not be able to access the online form, and if this is the case, you can request the questionnaire in another format by emailing or calling 0131 244 7139.

7. Or you may wish to write to us, in which case we would be grateful if you could indicate clearly which section or question you are referring to.

Please ensure that we receive your response by 16 March 2012, when the Call for Evidence will close.

Many thanks in advance

Yours faithfully,

Peter Doran, Chair of the Review

Further information

In considering the Call for Evidence you may find it helpful to have further information on the following topics:

·Additional Support for Learning Act (2004) (as amended):

· Curriculum for Excellence:

· Getting it right for every child:

Billy Gibson