Review of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006


We are pleased to announce that the calls for evidence have now launched.

If you are a parent, carer or family member of a young person in a Scottish local authority school, please find more info here. Closes 31st October 2016

If you are a member of a parent council please find more information here. Closes 6th November 2016

If you are an educationalist or organisation with education and families remit please find more information here. Closes 6th November 2016




As referenced in the Delivery Plan for Education, The National Parent Forum of Scotland are conducting a review into the impact, successes and failings of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 and surrounding policy framework on involving and engaging parents.  The NPFS looks to incorporate the opinions of many stakeholders into this review.

Parents and Education staff have seen the level of change in the education environment over the last ten years and when this is taken with the shift in the dynamics of the Scottish population and advances in technology and information availability we are trying to ascertain if the Act is fit for purpose. We ask what recommendations we can put to parents, teachers, school leaders, local authorities and Ministers to try to ensure support from every level to give the young people of Scotland the tools they require to succeed.

We all, educationalists and parents alike, know that when parents are fully involved in their child’s education and in the life and work of their local school we see better outcomes for children, parents, teachers and schools. The review looks to take stock, capture good practice with an emphasis on sustainable and scalable processes, and provide recommendations for the future policy and legal framework on parental involvement and engagement – in order to ensure that national policy continues to support effective partnerships with parents.

The review does not seek to make recommendations on the curriculum or teaching practice, other than where this has practical links to parental and family engagement.  We hope to build on positive relationships between parents and teachers in support of the vital role that both play in achieving the highest levels of attainment for each individual child.