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the design of the present article is to supplement these by calling attention to some additional facts derived from personal study of the affection. While the majority of cases that apply for treatment come from the educated classes, and from those of fair intellectual development, it must not be forgotten that it is precisely this class that seek intelligent medical ad- vice, or are likely to come within the range of circulars distributed by those investigating the complaint. Look- ing upon the disease as, to all intents and purposes, a coryza, generally dependent upon abnormal excitability of the vaso-motor centres, it does not seem to me justi- fiable to confine the operation of its causes within the limits of a particular century, or Purchase Cefaclor Online to explain its phenomena on the hypothesis of national or race peculiarities. I meet with it at all ages and in every condition of life, in private and in hospital practice. I find it more com- mon among women than is generally supposed, and am inclined to think that the question of sex is one of un- important etiological significance. I have twice observed the disease in several members of the same family, and it is possible that a peculiar excitability or deranged condi- tion of the vaso-motor system may descend from father to son, and determine the appearance of the affection in the latter ; but it is difficult to say how far the influence of inheritance, as originally suggested by VVyman, enters as a factor into its causation. Cefaclor Mg In the majority of cases that have come directly or in- directly under Order Cefaclor my observation, the paroxysms are induced by a variety of agencies differing entirely in their character and mode of operation. In others there is apparently only one exciting cause. The latter may be in operation only during certain periods of the year, or may provoke an attack, without regard to season, whenever applied. It may be said, in general, that the exciting cause may produce its effect, (i) by direct or Order Cefaclor Online indirect (reflex) irrita- tion of the sensitive nerves of the nasal mucous mem- brane ; (2) through olfactory impression (so-called "idiosyncrasy" of olfaction) ; or (3) through simple association of ideas ; or the same result may be brought about (4) by physical or mental overexertion, or (5) emotional excitement. Typical paroxysms occur in some persons at any sea- son of the year, from sudden changes in the temperature or from electrical disturbance of the atmosphere, and so far as my observation goes, a prominent position should be accorded to meteorological conditions among the ex- citing causes. Pollen is only one of a host of exciting causes, and there is reason to believe that in some cases in which it is supposed to Cefaclor Generic be the excitant, it has little or no influence at all. The paroxysm may be produced as a reflex Cefaclor Ceclor phenomenon from irritation of a distant organ,' and a case has been brought to Cefaclor 500mg my notice by a distinguished medical friend, in which the ingestion of a few grains of quinia is sufficient to Cefaclor Antibiotic produce a group of Purchase Cefaclor symptoms which, if they were excited by smelling a rose, would be called " rose ' The sensitive spot was destroyed by a stellate incision with the small knife of the galvano-cautery. On the night of the operation the patient had a slight attack of asthma, which passed off, however, in the course of an hour. For the next five days he enjoyed perfect immunity from the disease. He then went on a fishing expedition with a party of gentlemen, and the first night out contracted a violent cold in the head from sleeping on the damp ground, and with the Cefaclor Cd coryza the at- tacks of asthma returned. At the present writing treatment has been suspended unul the attack of cor\-2a subsides. ' This journal, July 19, 1884. 3 Sg^ paper referred to above. cold." More accurate observations are necessary to the formulation of definite conclusions concerning the oc- currence of this disease in the inferior races. While it is doubtless true, that the physical and moral forces of civilization encourage its development in the higher walks of life, they probably do so only in so far as they predispose to abnormal excitability of the nervous system in general, or to catarrhal and asthmatic affections. In the black race, the exquisite delicacy of the sense of smell, the prominent development of the turbinated bones, and the consequent increased amount of surface exposed, would seem to invite the paroxysm in those surrounded by the conditions that provoke it. I have several times met with reflected phenomena in the negro referable to disease of the nose, and belonging to the same category of reflex affections ; and it is possible that a fair proportion of cases of the convulsive asthma which occur in that race may have a similar origin. While the above case is the only instance of the oc- currence of the disease in the negro that has come under my personal observation, it is quite possible that, if looked for, it may be more frequently found. DANGER FROM PLASTER-OF-PARIS JACKETS. With a Description of the Woven-wire Jacket. By S.\MUEL W. smith, M.D., NEW YORK CITY. In the science of medicine, as in other sciences, there is a tendency to follow certain recognized plans or systems of procedure, to the ignoring of original methods, and a tendency to forget that while all may have advantages, and promise good, all must have in some case disadvan- tages that tend to evil. This fact has been forcibly im- pressed upon my mind in the use of the plaster-of-Paris jacket in cases of Pott's disease of the spine. The following cases will illustrate my meaning : Case I. — Daisie D , aged seven. Born of healthy parents, her own health was good until she reached her fifth year, when it was observed that she constantly rested her head upon her hands when not at play. She soon became very irritable, and refused to play with other children. At this time she was taken to the family phy- sician who discovered an angular curvature of the spine, including the Cefaclor Price last cervical and first and second dorsal vertebra:. In the course of time a Tiemann & Co. 's splint with jury-mast was put on. The child Cefaclor Cost did well and re- turned to its amusements as usual. Within about a year the child had grown so much that the splint could not be worn without a slight change being made in it. At this time the patient came under my care for a bronchial af- fection, which disappeared after appropriate treatment of two or three weeks' duration. In accordance with the advice of friends she was taken by the parents to a sur- geon of this city, by whom a plaster-of-Paris jacket was substituted for the Tiemann & Co.'s splint. For a day or two the child appeared to be quite as comfortable as with the former apparatus, but within a week I was again called to see her. I found her suffering from capillary bronchitis. The attendance of the surgeon who had put on the plaster jacket was requested by me, and he at once removed it. On the Cefaclor 250mg third day the little patient died of capillary bronchitis. My own opinion is, that the pri- mary cause of death in this case was due to the sudden cooling of the body of the child which was effected by the hardening and drying process of the plaster composing the jacket. Case II. — Nellie R , fourteen years of age, from Connecticut. Came to the Demilt Dispensary in the spring of 1881, suffering from lateral curvature of Cefaclor Generation the spine. Born of healthy parents ; her own general health good ; no bronchial disease. I put on a plaster-of-Paris jacket and ordered daily exercise with the pulley and chin support. In three weeks she returned to my office October i8, 1884.] THE MEDICAL RECORD. 429 suffering from a severe bronchitis, loss of appetite, and irritable cough. I removed the jacket, and in a few weeks the patient returned entirely recovered from the bronchial difficulty. I then applied a second jacket, do- ing so at my office, where Cefaclor Tablets the room was projierly warmed to prevent the likelihood of " catching cold." In two months she returned and informed me that during all this time she had suffered from a troublesome cough ; but so an.xious was she to get rid of her deformity, that she had preferred to endure the cough rather than liavc the jacket removed! However, I removed it, and or- dered a corset, made over a slight untempered steel frame, and covered with firm material, something after the plan of Professor L. A. Sayre's spinal wire cor- set. The corset was easily made by taking the removed plaster jacket and filling it with plaster prepared for the purpose. This gave me a complete cast of the deform- ity. The suspension treatment was still continued, and with the greater ease and comfort of the corset, my patient steadily im- proved. The bronchitis and cough disappeared in a short time. During my service at the De- milt Dispensary several other pa- tients to whom I had applied the plaster jacket gave me the same kind of trouble ; so that about two years ago I abandoned the ?' use of it, excepting in such cases of Dispensary patients as were unable, through poverty, to pay Cefaclor Monohydrate for the corset. In all cases in which I was thus obliged to use the plaster jacket, I opened the front and so arranged it that re- moval at bedtime could be easily accomplished, as also the replac- ing of it before arising. The corset which I have used instead of the plaster-of-Paris jacket can be made of any strong, pliable material, over the untempered steel frame ; but that which I have more recently had made is of light tinned wire, interwo- ven in the iron frame, and shaped over the plaster cast of the Buy Cefaclor Online deformed patient. Professor F. H. Hamilton's " Wire Gauze.Hip Splint " suggested to me the use of the same material [for my corset. It is easily arranged for the use of the jury-mast when needed, by means of screw loops on the two steel rods which give support Cefaclor Antibiotics to the back. The legs of the jury-mast having slits in them can easily be made fast by a screw. In addition to the disadvantages of wearing a plaster- of-Paris jacket for consecutive months, alluded to above, it seems but reasonable to sui)pose that by this long-con- tinued pressure of the chest walls, their natural growth should be stunted, their capacity for lung e.xpansion nmch lessened, and a road laid out which may lead on to phthisis. Treating Tai'e-Worm with Chloroform. — Dr. !.. E. Borcheim, of Atlanta, Ga., writes that he has treated two patients suffering from ta;nia solium, with chloro- form, etc., according to the method of Dr. J. G. Brooks (Medical Record, Vol. 26, Nos. 4 and 11). In both cases he was unsuccessful. The patients complained of feelings of intoxication, the pulse rose, purging was brisk, but no tape-worm. On the other hand. Dr. N. S. Dar- ling, of La Forte, Ind., states that he administered, after a fast of twenty-four hours, chloroform 5 j., with castor- oil I ij., to Buy Cheap Cefaclor an adult male, with the result of expelling a tape-worm thirty-seven feet in length. The head, it is believed, was brought away with the mass. A CURIOUS INJURY FROM A PITCHFORK. By a. a. ELLIOTT, M.D., STEUBE.NVILLE, O.

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