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21 6 70 2 &• c o Condition Ascertained from a Study of the Patient. Tuberculous adenitis of cervical glands. Severe form. Strong tuberculous history. Sub- ject in perfect health. Strong tuberculous history. Marked tuberculous predispo- sition. Tumor in left side. Diagnosis not made Strong tuberculous predisposi tion. Not yet broken down Malarious anajmia. No tuber- culous history. Condition Ascertained from a Study of the Blood. .attending Physician. Tuberculous condition welliDr. Chas. Denison. marked. Feeble recuperative Buy Cardura Online power. Tuberculous condition slightly Dr. C. B. Lvman. marked. Very' strong recu- perative power. Marked tuberculous condition. Dr. \V. W. Grant. Strong recuperative power. Tuberculous condition. Strong recuperative power. Tuberculous condition marked .Strong recuperative power. Dr. Chas. Denison. Tuberculous present. condition n o t Dr. E. R. Axtell. Of these thirty-five cases six were test cases : 1,3,5, 32, 33, and 35. In each of these the blood was exam- ined and diagnosis made without any itnowledge of the history or physical condition. These six cases are classified as follows: Incipient pulmonary tuberculosis, i, 3, and 5. Pretuberculous, not yet having reached the active stage of the disease, 32 and 33. Non-tuberculous, 35. The diagnosis made from the blood was in each of these cases confirmed by the attending physician. It will be observed that there is no single charac- teristic in tuberculous blood which, if once learned, will enable us to diagnose the disease. We may have, and generally do have, except in well-advanced cases, three conditions of the cells existing at the same time and found in the same specimen : cells in (Cardura Online eosinophile cells. In many cases these characteristics predominate, while in others they are present in only a small per- centage of the leucocytes. Although the eosinophile cell continues to be en- shrouded with Cheap Cardura much Cardura E10p mystery, the recent researches of Kanthack and Cardura 1 Mg Hardy, of Cambridge, have undoubtedly given us much light upon the subject. They claim that the eosinophile cells are the advance guards of the phagocytes. The eosinophile cells first surround the bacilli and throw off some of their granules, or secrete a substance which renders the bacilli inactive, and while they are in this state the phagocytes sur- round Cardura E10 and devour them. Therefore, with this interpre- tation of their function, in any germ disease where there is a decrease in the number of Cardura Bph eosinophile cells, or a marked disintegration going on in them, the re- cuperative power of the organism is greatly dimin- ished. Hence a study of tuberculous blood should reveal two important points: first, the degree of the tuberculous condition ; second, the degree of the re- cuperative power. Although the first of these is important, yet we Order Cardura must grant that it is equally important both to the patient and to the physician if we can ascertain the amount of recuperative power possessed by the patient, for upon this depends the probable chances of recovery or ability to combat the disease. If our fundamental hy- pothesis be correct; if the individual has a true proto- type in his leucocytes; if the condition of the one can be ascertai.ied from the appearance of the other; if the leucocytes are tissue formers; if it is true that as are the leucocytes so is the individual, then the real source of the recuperative power should be sought Cardura 6 Mg for in the leucocytes. .-\fter a careful study and comparison of the blood appearances in all varieties of tuberculosis I have ob- served that the nearer the blood characteristics ap- proach the following, the greater is the Contraindication of Tuberculosis.— Normal or ap- proximately normal percentages of all varieties of leucocytes. Absence of giant lymphocytes. Absence of myelocytes. Very little cell disintegration. Very little debris from disintegrating leucocytes, \^■ell- stained nuclei. Phagocytes with cell-body clearly de- fined and granules rich in number and well stained. Uniformity in size and appearance Flomax Vs Cardura of the phagocytes. While, on the other hand, the following are the Characteristics of Tuberculous Blood, which vary according to the severity of the case. Marked devia- tion from the normal percentages of all varieties of leucocytes. Great decrease in percentage Cardura Classification of small lymphocytes. Great increase in percentage of phago- cytes. Usuallv, a marked increase in percentage of large lymphocytes. Many giant lymphocytes with ir-' regular contour and protruding globules of hyalo- plasm. Eosinophile cells absent or few in number only in severest cases. Myelocytes occasionally pres- ent. Marked cell disintegration. Many groups of de'bris fiom disintegrating leucocytes. Phagocytes with indistinct cell contour, and granules few in num- ber, poorly stained, and scattering. Marked irregu- September 5, 1896] MEDICAL RECORD. 329 larity in size and Cardura 10 Mg appearance of phagocytes, dwarf •phagocytes as small as small lymphocytes, Cardura Tablets giant phago- cytes double the usual size with five or more nuclei. Often a clear, narrow, and sharply defined ring sepa- rating the nucleus from the cell body in small and large lymphocytes. Phagocytes with granules taking a basophile tint, evidence of approaching dissolution. Grouping together of a large number of phagocytes ob- served before dissolution. Very little disintegration in red cells. From a review of blood appearances in the fore- going cases I have made the following Deductions. — First, that the degree of the tubercu- lous condition can be estimated by (n) the amount of deviation from the normal percentage of each variety of cells; and by (/') the amount of cell disintegration in each variety. Second, that the degree of the recuperative power is estimated by (a) the staining power of the nuclei; (/') the percentage of leucocytes with no evidence of disintegration ; (c) the abundance of well-stained gran- ules of the phagocytes; and (1/) the abundance of eosinophile Cardura E10p Msds cells rich in granules. Differentiation. — With reference to the differentia- tion of the stages of tuberculosis, much could be given, but time and space will not permit it in this Cardura Generic Name paper. I will give a few points which are most prominent, and probably may be the means of differentiating the pre- tuberculous, incipient, advanced, and convalescent stages. But in the first place sufficient blood charac- teristics must be observed to justify the opinion that the tuberculous condition exists. It is then time to

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