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exception of that innermost portion which some authors fail to include in the lemniscus proper, and an outer part whose position is not well setiled. Monakow produced descending de- i^eneration of apparently the same field which Flechsig terms inter-olivary layer, in the cat. As in my human case, this degeneration underwent a decussation, chiefly in the lower oli- vary' plane and passed into the nuclei of the columns of Goll, which, as in my case also, were atrophic. Monakow's description ' of this buspar 10mg pills tract, which de- generated after destruction buspar generic problems of the parietal lobe,' following a course through the external and posteriornucleiof the thal- amus into the dorsal part of the subthalamic region, cor- responds more closely to the appearances found in my case than do any of Flechsig's delineations and declara- tions. The correspondence between the results obtained by the atrophy method in the cat, and previously by my self in a case of secondary degeneration, herein rejjeatedly referred to, are so close that I may be permitted to de- tail some anatomical facts observed in the lion, the dog, and the cat, in sections prepared by means of the bi- chromate of potash hardening, microtome cutting, and carmine staining methods, as bearing on the presumable course of this part of the lemniscus tract in man. The advantage of a study of these animals is that the pyramid, pons, and pes are small, and particularly that the pons fibres do not, as in man, crowd the tegmentum dorsad, compelling certain of its tracts to follow as arched a course as in man ; this is a source of much confusion to the topographical anatomist. In a section made flat-wise through the brain axis, that is, parallel to the basi-cranial ideal plane, in the buspar 15 mg twice day dog, the intricate relations indicated in Fig. 10 are exposed.' In the latitude of the trapezium (23) a faint sagittal streak on either side indicates the interolivary layer (21), the oblongata portion of which is seen (27) niesad of the dentoliva (28). There appears to be a ganglionic inter- polation between it and the major part of the lemniscus (26). Now, instead of sweeping to the side in the pons, to pass into the I,-shaped lemniscus field of the mesen- 45 mg buspar cephalon, the interolivary layer is seen to occupy a dis- tinct field, buried in the nuclear substance of the pons ' L.OC. cit, p. 26. ' In spcikini; of the olive, I refer lo the olive /xir rjrcelUncr, the oner olive.^' I term the nucleus of the trapezii ob- ' Experi ntal do you need a prescription for buspar Contributions lo Our Knowledge of the cus 1 racis, i>y v. Monakow. Ccirresponden/blatt f. .Schwcl and 7, per McnJcls Ccnlralblalt, May i. 1884. * Nor necessarily homologous with the same lobe in man. * There is a comical resemblance between the figure when inverted, and the upright lh.it of an elephant. The forme head of a bull ^ bull ut of ih cprcscnled by the main s arc represented by the he cars by the /vntis h\ ers of the fanciful may take thi the olii facilitate a topogr.iphical underst: pyramidal region, the nostrils being r of the olive (j8). the eyes with the lid peiium or superior olives (11, ji), t cerebellar peduncle 125), and lor horns, lovers of the fanciful may take their cho between 17 and ig. The bulk of the head comprises the trapezium and pon neck is equivalent to the mesencephalo-cniral region. (15), and clearly traceable into a field which, containing the roots of the oculo-motor nerve (7), must lie ventrad of buspar 10 mg three times day the oculo-motor nuclei, indeed, very near the basis cruris. This field (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, on the left side) is one that has yet to be studied. It would appear to pass, in part directly, in part indirectly, into the internal capsule (10, I, 13, indicating the course of the outer part of the crus toward it). A direct fasciculus is seen at 11. Be- sides the direct tract from the interolivary layer (15, 9) it receives fibres from the inverted forceps-shaped field (14). Whether all the fibres continue uninterruptedly through the entire extent of the large area covered by this section cannot, of course, be determined. But the appearances are very much that way. The intimate connection between the jiyramid tract and the inter- olivary layer, which I indicated, finds its repetition in an apparent anastomosis of jiedal fibres with the inter- olivary continuation upward who makes generic buspar (the unnamed pale field crossed by pointer 14 on the right side, buspar 10mg tab symmetrical to end of pointer 8). The relations of this part to the sub- stantia nigra is interesting, but the main part certainly passes through without interruption. In the human brain, owing to the causes mentioned, the relations are not so simple. The appearances are, however, against the view that the interolivary layer passes exclusively into the field known as the lemniscus ; the bundle from the pes to the tegmentum appears to be, in part at least, connected with it. In Fig. 11, which represents a section taken in a plane, slightly raised dor- sally in buspar 30 mg high front, as compared with Fig. 10, the interolivary layer is shown in as complete a continuity as it can be, without preliminary distortion of the brain axis. It is here seen that the interolivary layer, beginning just above the pyramid decussation at e, passes on either side of the raphe {d, c, i>, a) generic buspar price detaching (apparently) fibres (at 7 and 6), which, moving out more and more latcrad (5), reach the lemniscus field buspar available generic of the mesencephalon (4). But the fibres 426 THE MEDICAL RECORD. [October i8, 1884. hugging the middle line do not pass into this field at a, they dip ventrad apparently ; this is the locality where so much confusion prevails, much does buspar cost without insurance which can be cleared up by filling in the required gap with the tracts 9 and 14 where can i buy buspar online of Fig. 10. Fig. II. — Section in Basilar Planeof the Brain Axisof a Syphilitic Subject. (.Autopsy and case by Prof. J; L. Little.) The numerals i to 7 relate to the lemniscus tracts in general ; the letters a to *■, to the mesal contin- uation of the interolivar>' layer, bundle from /« to tegMietttum of Henle (see Part II.) : ///, posterior part of third ventricle : C. fiost.y posterior commissure ; Ag. Gr., gray matter surrounding the aqueduct : //, habenu- lar bundle : mi t and 2, thalamic laminae ; buspar 10mg high **, unnamed tract, from analogy with 2 and 4 of Kig. 10, possibl>- the capsule seeking part of the inlerolivary (muscular sense) tract ; ///., posterior longitudinal fasciculi cerehU„ Gratiolet*s direct fasci Br ^., Wemekinck'scommissui Br,^ pontis brachium, middle 01. int., internal accessory oli p)Tamids ; pointer 5 is in the direction of the lus from the cerebellum to the cerebrum : *, its cerebellar origin (nearly) ; Tegmi. re (?) decussation of tegmenta brachium {brachium conjunctivum) ; Pont. :erebellar peduncle; rad., roots of the seventh and eighth cranial nerves; 01. tient.^ dentate or main olivary' nucleus ; Pyr, X., decussation of The almost direct passage of the main part of the lem- niscus toward the internal capsule is well seen at 2 and i. If my surmise as to the equivalence of the unnamed tract, indicated by the double asterisk, with those indi- cated by the numerals 2 and 4 in Fig. 10 be correct, it becomes comparatively easy to complete the channel of the buspar generic buspirone muscular sense. In the accompanying section from a monkey (Fig. 12 ') the numerals 9 and S indicate this tract exposed lengthwise ; its direction is clearly to the parietal lobe. It becomes apparent how Meynert could erroneously trace this bundle to the occipital lobes, in less fortunate sections, inasmuch as it closely skirts the optic radiation of Gratiolet. The direction of the main (lateral and middle) part of the lemniscus is indicated by * For this animal as well as the lion, I 2 Park Zoological Department. ndebted to Dr. Conklin of the Central the numerals 25, 27, and 28. If, as is surmised, the tract for muscular sense (9, 6) separate from the cutaneous tract (25, 27) in its course through the medulla and pons, becomes united to or intermingled with it in the thalamo- lenticular division of the capsule, we can readily under- stand why all qualities of sensation would be affected in capsular he- mianassthesia, while they may be separately involved in the pons and oblongata. The buspar 15 mg high close proximity of the former and buspar cost australia the motor tract 10 would be consistent with the fre- quently overlooked disturbance of the muscular sense in hemiplegia. The tract-course here supposed is . consistent with average cost buspar v. Monakow's ex- Iflvr periments, and justifies the designa- btf tion of Rinden-Schleife (cortex lem- niscus), which he has given the in- terolivary tract As satisfactory as the picture of the interclivary layer is in sagittal ■^PCf^SrJ^ sections taken through its pontine course, as difficult is it to identify every corresponding area of that course in transverse sections. In sagittal section, the stratum inter- medium (interolivare) is a beautiful arched buspar 15 mg fasciculus, covering Gall's li(;tie lie separation already referred to (Part II.). At one point it does not appear to adhere to that line, but to be broken up, and where not

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