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' j Lovage. — The levisticum of botany has, on Dr. John- son's authority, a virtue in the relief of rheumatism. He says : " Take equal quantites of flour of sulphur and flour of mustard seed, make them into an electuary with honey or treacle, and take a bolus as big as a nutmeg several times a day, drinking after it a quarter buy betnovate cream online of a pint of the infusion of the root of lovage. The relief is speedy and lasting." But perhaps sulphur will answer alone. Lovage, like sassafras, belongs to a large class of plants containing an essential oil, which have always been em- ployed as carminatives, diuretics, emmenagogues, and betnovate for acne digestive stimulants, in flatulent dyspepsia, amenorrhrca, dropsy, and rheumatism. For Hyperhidrosis of the Feet Dr. Duhring has used the following with good results : 5. Zinci oleati 3 ij- Aniyli, Talci a.a. 3 i'j- M. betnovate n cream Sig. — Dusting powder. This was applied to the feet after they had been washed with a lotion of tincture of belladonna. Things to Try.- — Dr. Robert A. Reid, of Boston, in his Eclectic Journal, suggests the following " things to try" when ordinary measures fail: Try pop-corn for nausea and vomiting of betnovate scalp lotion pregnancy ; try sun-bath for rheumatism ; try cranberry poultice for erysipelas ; try lager beer as a gargle for sore throat ; try eating fresh radishes and yellow turnips for gravel ; try eating onions and horscrradish to relieve dropsical swellings ; try taking cod-liver oil in tomato catsup if you want to make it palatable ; try snuffing powdered borax up the nose for " cold in the head ;" try hard cider — one glassful three times a day — for ague or rheumatism ; try breathing the fumes of turpentine or carbolic acid to relieve whooping cough ; try a cloth wrung out of cold water put about the neck at night, for sore throat ; try planting sun- flowers in your garden if you live in a malarial region and the travelling is bad. A Case of Rose Cold. — Dr. F. B Streeter sends a history of a case of " rose cold," as suggested by Dr. Mackenzie : " Mrs. William B- , aged thirty-five years, native of this State, of Dutch descent, married, and bar- ren. With the exception of an uterine disease, which is the probable cause of her sterility, she is betnovate c in a fair state of health. I first saw her some three years since. She was suffering betnovate scalp application from an intense coryza, and attributed it to betnovate gm skin cream the fact that while walking in the dark she had acci- dentally brushed against a bush laden with full-blown roses. She explained that she had been affected thus by roses since her childhood, and as she is a lady of in- telligence her case seems to be clearly one of betnovate face ' rose cold.' She has no catarrh or any other disease of the respir- atory system, nor is she similarly affected by the pollen of any other flower or plant." The Medical Record A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery Vol. 26, No. 16 New York, October 18, 1884 Whole No. 728 ©rtgiiml %xX\xXzs. CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE ANATOMY OF THE LEMNISCUS. With Remarks on Centripetal Conducting Tracts IN THE Brain. By E. C. SPITZKA, M.D., I'ROPESSOR OF NBURO-ANATOMV AND PHYSIOLOGV IN THE NEW VORK TOST-GRAD- IIATE MEDICAL SCHOOL. (Continued from page 397-) II. III. — The CoMroNENT of the Lemniscus which PASSES THROUGH THE InTEROLIVARY LAYER. In the sequel it is my intention to discuss only a por- betnovate ointment 0.1 tion of the axial fibre-systetns which have been by vari- ous authors ' designated as lemniscus, under that name, leaving the critique of this designation to the concluding remarks. In the lower (caudal) part of the oblongata these tracts are found in such relations as to enable us most readily to understand their connections with the important spinal tracts, and the older authorities and some of the more recent ones inckide the olivary fascicu- lus, which is larger than the interolivary layer. A section made at the level indicated in the accom- panying figure reveals the following prominent gray stance surrounding the central canal, in whose distal por- tions the hypoglossal and vagus (vago-accessorius?) nuclei begin to appear , fourth, the reticular gray substance in (ganglionic) substances : First, the nuclei of the columns of Burdach and Goll ; second, the ganglionic substance of the column of Rolando ; ° third, the gelatinous gray sub- ' Except llic one in which the term is employed by Meynert in liis last work. Psychiatrie, P.lrt I., which is over ample, and evidently intended to justify ccr tain of his older and imtenabte views, which he seems disinclined to abnntlnn. » This contains three cate»;ones of Kanglionic subsLince, viz., the conv.»lntcd lamina corrcspnndinn to the gelatinous head of the posterior horn of the spinal gray, the siihj.iccnt paler staining spongy gray stibstance, and the intercalated gray islands in the root itself, containmg cells like those of the nuclei of Goll and Burdach. The absence of the gelatinous head in reptiles would seem to indicate a relation to one of the specialized forms of sensation, whether of contact or tem- perature, more likely the latter. the field intermediate to the bridge of gray matter (which unites those nuclei which, for brevity's sake, I shall term the nuclei of Goll, Burdach, and Rolando), the central gelatinous substance, and the lemnis- cus ; fifth, the olivary nucleus, which in this level is represented only by that portion which is known as the inter- nal accessory olive (p) ; sixth, the small nuclei interpolated in the external ar- ciforni fibres {tid). Of these various gray substances the nuclei of Burdach and Goll and the olive have relations JJare to the lemniscus, thus indicating what an extensive territory this fibre agglom- eration occupies. Surrounding on its medial and dorsal confines the nucleus of Goll, and cap- ping dorsad the nucleus of Burdach, are the fibre-tracts of the columns of the same name. As we proceed ceph- alad we find that the mass of these col- umns undergoes a gradual reduction. In the main this reduction appears to betnovate buy online be eftected by the entry of the fibres into the nuclei. These are fielded off by intersecting delicate fasciculi into nu- merous subnuclei. The nearer the spi- nal cord, the more compact (and small) is the nucleus of Goll (nucleus funiculus ,i;racilis) ; the nearer the middle of the middle olivary altitude, the more scat- tered and subdivided are its cell-groups, and the more distinctly does it appear as if the whole mass of the column of C'.oll broke through the nucleus to separate into the strands of the internal arciform fibres (Fig. 4). buy betnovate cream Much as the anatomical appearances suggest the existence of a direct connection between the column of Goll and the internal arcuate fibres mentioned, a study of the phenomena of secondary degeneration does . not sustain the existence of such a connection as a direct one. In the case of secondary degeneration betnovate cream 0.1 to which I have 422 THE MEDICAL RECORD. [October i8, 1884. betnovate scalp solution alluded, I found 'that 'the fasciculi interpolated in the nuclei of Goil and Burdach showed a reduction in size on the side opposite to the degenerated lemniscus field. The third and fourth figures accompanying this paper il- lustrate this relation. In Fig. 3, the dark field Da, £>s*, -D, which represents the descending degeneration, con- nects by diagonal raphe strands (Br) with degenerated arciforni bundles {Dare), which pass into the degener- ated fields Dfi, Dfi*-, and D/t,, and these in turn con- nect with the degenerated internuclear fasciculi in the nuclei of GoU and Burdach. The part of the lemniscus degenerated in the above case corresponds to Flechsig's interolivary stratum.' In a section of the level, shown in Fig. 4, this stratum is L-shaped (the dark area D, Ds, Da), consisting of a vertical field (Z?) which fills up the interval between the raphe (r), the internal accessory olive, and the pyramid tract, and a nearly horizontal field {Ds) which lies be- tween betnovate online the halo of the denticulate (main) olivary nucleus and the pyramid ; it extends with an angular swelling to the point of emergence of the hypoglossal nerve-roots Da (see corresponding designations of Fig. 3). Inas- much as the degeneration can not be traced into the tracts included in Burdach's and Coil's columns, but only into the nuclei of these columns, it is to be inferred that the latter are interpolated between two divisions of one and the same tract. betnovate gm In other words, that the spinal col- umns of GoU and Burdach terminate, anatomically speaking, in their nuclei, and that from these " inter- rupting " nuclei a physiologically continuous tract arises which passes through the fields /i,/2 (Fig. 3) into the arcuate fasciculi {arc. Figs. 3 and ^), decussating in the piniform decussation,' and after crossing the median line continuing brainward, in the interolivary stratum betnovate skin cream of the oblongata and pons (/, Fig. 3). As in cases of prolonged typical locomotor ataxia the columns of GoU undergo secondary degeneration, it is to be assumed that the essential primary lesion of that disease aflfects the nutrition of those betnovate n columns secondarily either by the involvement of the betnovate c cream posterior rootlets or of the gray substance in which they terminate or through which they pass." The connection of the column of betnovate c ointment GoU with the sensory nerves of the inferior extremity has been positively established. It is evident, then, that the column of GoU conveys brainward certain impressions which occur in the posterior (inferior) half of the body. It is exceedingly probable that those impressions which are most regularly aft'ected in locomotor ataxia, namely, those informing the subject of the position of his lower limbs in space, which enable him to regulate their mus-

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