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It was a delightful feature of this meeting, the presence of the simple-minded and clear thinking Professor Arlt, who, because he had passed the statutory line of seventy years, had been retired from the chair of ophthalmology in Vienna two years ago. The loving and pious respect in which he was held was delightful to observe. He rose to his feet several times when clinical liiemes were being discussed, and the range of his memory of facts and cases, and his clear utterances, showed that the edge of his intellect had not been blunted. As a proof of his mental activity, he benicar htc brought witli him a treatise on "Glaucoma," which had just come through cost of benicar hct tiie press and in which, in 142 pages, he sets forth with characteristic clearness and acumen, and with great wealth of knowledge both of books and of cases, his views on this disputed theme. Certain I am, from what I have read of it, and from con- fidential and candid conversation with him, that we shall owe to him nmch valuable instruction on this subject. His views are sure to make a deep impression and to gain wide acceptance. I buy generic benicar hope the book may be elabo- rately reviewed in some American journal, so as to get the marrow of it in English. It were hardly modest to speak of the kindly way in which American visitors are treated in these benicar hct tablets meetings ; a man afflicted with less than the average modicum of van- ity runs great risk of an acute exacerbation of his frailty, while the average man with average self-esteem simply loses his head. With much regard, benicar hct cost very sincerely, Henry D. Noves, M.D. A SUGGESTION TO ESTABLISH FREE BATHS AND WASHING-HOUSES FOR USE DURING THE YEAR. To ■ Thk Medical Recoku. Sir : In my reports to the New York Board of Health, dur- ing the years 186S, 1869, and 1870, when I made a survey of the Twentieth Sanitary Inspection District, in my ca- pacity of Assistant Sanitary Inspector, I already advo- cated the establishment of free baths as a sanitary measure for tlie improvement of the condition of the [loor. Since then free baths have been supplied by the authorities in tliis city during the summer months, but no iJrovision has been made for this luxury during eight months of the year, viz. : from October ist, to about June ist. To sup- ply this deficiency, I have recently again laid this mat- ter before the Board of Health and the Mayor of this city, who kindly approved and indorsed my views re- garding the establishment of free baths and washing- houses, and promised to co-operate with me to carry generic name for benicar out my suggestions, as far as lay in their power. benicar uk Regarding the usefulness of such institutions, for ob- vious reasons, hardly anything needs to be said. But, being a measure buy cheap benicar of general utility, as a preventive against so-called zymotic diseases — which I would term filth-diseases — I herewith make some suggestions as to how the means could be supjilied wherewith to provide these establishments. 1. Part of the excise moneys could be used for this purpose, besides jjrivate contributions, if the attention of the public were called benicar equivalent to the necessity of such buildings, wherein the i)oor could bathe and wash their linen free of charge. I am already assured by Mayor Edson, as stated above, that as the head of the Board of Apportion- ment and of all the city departments he would use his influence for securing from the city the necessary build- ing lots, whereupon these proposed establishments could be erected. 2. The Legislature should pass a law — additional to the Tenement-House benicar canada Law — whereby every owner of a house should be taxed, say, one dollar annually, addi- tional to the present taxes, for every tenant occupying his house. 3. I would suggest that every emigrant coming to this country should be advised, if deemed necessary by the examining physician at the place of landing, to make use of these cleansing establishments on entering the terri- tory of the United States. 4. Every prison and police station and other public institution should have a bath benicar generic equivalent attached for the use of the inmates. 5. The lower classes, employed by the city, county, or State, should be requested by their superiors to avail themselves of the use of the free baths and washing- houses. Proprietors of large establishments, factoiies, stores, stables, etc., would follow the example of the au- thorities by employing by preference, all other conditions being equal, clean and, therefore, healthier people. Con- sequently a moral pressure could be exercised over ser- vants and employes benicar hcl generally for their own good. 6. While I was stationed on the frontier, and at other military posts, as Post Surgeon in the United States Army, I have often regretted the absence of baths, for the use of the soldiers, connected with their barracks or quarters. The United States Government w-ould no doubt greatly ameliorate the sanitary condition of our soldiers and sailors by erecting free baths for them wherever prac- ticable. If means were provided by the public benicar generic name authorities or philanthropists for facilitating the constant washing and cleansing of persons and dwellings, I think we would have less of cholera, yellow fever, and other epidemics of filth-diseases, and the germs of many diseases would be, in part at benicar discount card least if not eftectually, eradicated. In closing these remarks and suggestions, written for the consideration and with a view of enlisting the co- October II, 1884.] THE MEDICAL RECORD. 419 operation of some of the readers of The Record, and pro bono publico, I will only add that the plan of estab- lishing cheap, though not free, baths and washing-houses has been tried in London, Eng., within the past four or five years 1 believe. These are situated in the following parishes : (i) Paddington, (2) Marylebone, (3) St. Pan- eras, (4) .St. Giles, (5) Lambeth, etc. The general ar- rangement there is : A private bath costs twopence (about four cents) a head, including towels ; a higher- class bath, twelve cents ; swimming bath, the same price ; privilege of use of large room for washing, drying, iron- ing, etc., at nominal rates. The baths are generally self-supporting and very extensive. Some houses have several swimming baths, each swimmer having a separate bo.x to dress in, etc. RtrDOi.PH Tauszkv, M.D. 610 Lexington Avenue, New York. NO MEDICAL HISTORIES OBTAINABLE FROM ST. LU ICE'S HOSPITAL, NEW YORK. To THE Editor of The Medical Record. Sir : Will you be so kind as to publish the enclosed correspondence, which speaks for itself. I was called to see a gentleman under the circum- stances as stated in my letter, and believing that some information in regard to his former sickness would ma- terially aid me in his case, I addressed a communication to Rev. George S. Baker, making inquiries to that end. The enclosed letters are the one I received from him and my answer. I think it should be known, to the medi- cal community at least, that no physician can gain benicar savings card any information in relation to a party who has been a patient in St. Luke's Hospital. Jos. P. Fessenden, M.D., Member Medical Staff, Salem Hospital. Salbm. Mass., Oclober order benicar online 4, 18S4. P.S. — I thought it best upon the whole to ask you to give place to the correspondence, instead of the public journals. St. Luke's Hospital, New York, September 20, 1884. Dr. J. P. Fessenden, Salem, Mass. : Dear Sir : It is positively against the rules of this hos- pital to communicate what we learn with regard to the diseases of our patients to any one, save to the patients themselves, if they request it, or to the District Attorney, if he demands it for purposes of justice. We shall not deviate from this rule in the case of Mr. B . Prob- ably you are not aware that your own is the third letter which has been written me on the same subject. Yours truly, Geo. S. Baker, Pastor and Superintendent. Dear Sir : I was exceedingly surprised to learn from your communication, received this morning, that no in- formation relating to the sickness of a patient who had been in your hospital could be imparted to the attending physician of the patient after he left your hands. We have an idea in this vicinity that we have some pretty good hosi)itals, such as the Massachusetts General and Boston City, both of which are ready to extend such courtesies to the family physician and both of which would receive the condemnation of the public if they re- fused so to do. The patient, after an absence of six years, without any knowledge of him coming to his sister during that time, suddenly appeared at her home (she is a widow and in straitened circumstances), penniless, poorly clothed, much emaciated, and mentally unsound. I was benicar alternatives called to see him and had and now iiave no doubt but that some information in regard to his sickness in St Luke's Hospital would aid me in the treatment of tht case. You are probably aware that any information benicar generic alternative con veyed by patient, family, or friends, is held sacred by the attending physician, and you refuse positively to com municate such information for the benefit of the patient whose welfare is entrusted to me. It seems to me to be an unheard-of procedure. I do not know that the fact that you have been written to, asking for information three times, concerns me in the least, even did I know it, which I do not. If I can elicit no facts from you, I shall publish your letter in the New York papers, with an explanation in regard to it. I think the public should be made ac- quainted with such a rule of the hospital for its guidance. Very respectfully yours, J. P. Fessenden, M.D., Member Medical Staff, Salem Hospital. Salem, Mass., September, 1884. [It is difficult to understand upon what grounds any public hospital can refuse to benicar hct prices give to a medical gentleman in charge of a patient such information as was solicited by our correspondent. We should like to have some explana- tion on this point from the hospital authorities. — Ed.]

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