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M. Morel read a paper upon the " Cause of the Normal Evening Rise of Temperature." This was due to three things : food, light, and exercise, of which food was the chief factor. Animals fed during the night had the nor- mal rise of temperature in the morning. M. Dujardin- Beaumetz reported the results of his study of disinfect- ants. He had reached the conclusion that sulphurous acid is the most efficient and convenient germicide. To obviate the objection that it attacks metals he had re- course to sulphurous acid made from liquid sulphurous acid by the method of Raoul Pictet. Medicine Takes Curious Freaks in some of the States beyond the Father of Waters. In Nebraska, for example, there is a State University with a Medical De- partment. Said Medical Department has been taken possession of by certain eclectics, who naturally have started a medical organ, the Nebraska Medical Journal, The State evidently supports the Department, for we are told that tuition is free and expenses light. We are pleased to observe also that this free Medical Depart- ment has joined the cause of higher education, and will hereafter require attendance upon three courses instead of two. Meanwhile the organ is publishing various dis- cussions as Order Atrovent to whether electricity is the cause of the heart's movements. Mistakes in Words. — .\ Philadelphia contemporary publishes a newspaper clipping concerning the word "[microbe." This word, it states, was coined by M, Charles S6dillot, of Strasbourg, in 1878. The truth is, however, that Professor Pacini used the word " micro- bio "in 1854, applying it to a micro-organism of cholera. •October ii, 1884.] THE MEDICAL RECORD. 411 Valuable Articles Stolen from Physicians' Of- fices. — At the Tenth Police Precinct Station-house, Brooklyn, N. Y., there are several valuable articles re- cently stolen by an office-thief, whose operations were very extensive in New York. These articles consist of microscopes, instruments, umbrellas, clothing, etc., still unclaimed, and which evidently belong to New York physicians. The captain is anxious that they be identi- fied and taken away. The station-house is at the corner of Flatbush and Sixth Avenues, Brooklyn. Subscriptions Asked for a Statue to Dr. Joseph GuiSLAiN. — We publish with pleasure the following notice sent to us by Dr. Lewis D. Mason, of Brooklyn : " An effort is being made to secure subscriptions for the erec- tion of a statue to Dr. Joseph Guislain. The members of the Society of Mental Medicine, of Belgium, are ac- tively interested in promoting this object, and desire that all specialists in this department of medicine have an opportunity to subscribe, and that the statue represent the combined subscriptions of the specialists in mental diseases of the world, rather than of any given district. To this end, subscriptions have been received from Eng- land, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Holland, and Sweden, in sums varying from five, to twenty-five francs. The United States, as yet, is not represented. We hope the subscriptions from America toward the erection of this statue will compare favorably with those of other countries. Subscriptions may be sent to Dr. B. C. Ingels, MIdicin de I'Hospice-Guislain a Gaud, Belgium. List of acknowledgments will be sent to subscribers." The Limits of Legitimate Advertising. — We com- mend to our readers' attention the following from the Iowa Medical Monthly. The limitations which are here suggested contrast strongly with the sordid and commer- cial view which allows the unlimited distribution of pro- fessional cards with the specialty obliquely indicated thereon. Says the Monthly : " Is there such a thing as legitimate advertising, that the Buy Atrovent Online physician may use with- out violating the spirit of the Code ? We would answer unqualifiedly, yes, and that its dimensions begin with a good education, gentlemanly conduct, social qualities, in- dustry, and end Buy Atrovent with the moral effect in the community of his good deeds, distributed by word of mouth, from his friends. This mode of advertising, together with Generic Atrovent that invaluable quality, tact or good judgment, will always bring success." Objects' and Membership of the American Acad- emy OF Medicine. — We have been requested by Dr. Richard J. Dunglison, Secretary, to announce the objects aimed at by the American Academy of Medicine, and also the qualifications necessary for membership. Tiie Academy is growing yearly in members and influence, but it is desired that it embrace in its membership all Purchase Atrovent Online the physicians in the country qualified therefor. The Con- stitution says that the objects of the Academy shall be : I. To bring those who are Alumni of Classical, Scien- tific, and Medical Schools into closer relations with each other. 2. To encourage young men to pursue regular courses of study in classical and scientific institutions before entering upon the study of medicine. 3. To ex- tend the bounds of medical science, to elevate the pro- fession, to relieve human suffering, and to prevent dis- ease. The Membership of the Academy shall consist of Fellows and Honorary Members. The Fellows shall be Alumni of respectable institutions of learning, having received therefrom : i. The degree of Bachelor of Arts, or Master of Arts, after a systematic course of study, preparatory and collegiate. 2. The degree of Doctor of Medicine, after a regular course of study, not less than three years, under the direction and instruction of pre- ceptors and professors. 3. When a candidate is an alui)inus of a foreign institution not granting the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts, a certificate or certificates, which shall be considered as equivalent by the Council and Academy, may be accepted in lieu thereof, provided he shall have Order Atrovent Online subsequently received the degree of Doctor of Medicine. 4. The Fellows shall also have had an experience of three years in the Prac- tice of Medicine, in one or more of its recognized depart- ments, and shall have a good moral and professional character. The Atrovent Online French Association for the Advancement OF Science. — This association, which now numbers four thousand members, held its annual meeting at Blois, be- ginning September 4th. It has a Medical Sectionined for an expenditure of the smallest amount of 'time and money." 412 THE MEDICAL RECORD. Buy Cheap Atrovent [October 1 1, i< The International Otological Congress. — The Third International Otological Congress was held at Basel, Switzerland, from the ist to the 5th of September, under the presidency of Dr. A. Burckhardt-Merian, of Basel. We learn from The British Medical Journal that the pro- ceedings were opened on Monday at the hall of the University, by addresses from Dr. Sapolini, of Milan, the retiring president, and Dr. Biirckhardt-Aferian, the presi- dent-elect. Addresses of welcome to the town of Basel were delivered by Counsellor Schenck, on the part of the Swiss Federation, and by a delegate from the Canton of Basel. A breakfast, given by the Swiss surgeons to the members of the Congress, followed. On Wednesday the members of the Congress were entertained at a banquet. During the three following days about forty papers were read, and demonstrations were given on sub- jects bearing on otological science, all of a most in- teresting, instructive, and original nature. The principal contributors were Politzer, of Vienna ; Moos, of Heidel- berg ; Guye, of Amsterdam ; Sapolini, of Milan ; Gelle, of Paris ; His, of Leipzig ; Hartmann, of Vienna ; Lowen- berg, of Paris ; Kuhn, of Strasburg ; Albrecht and Del- stanche, of Brussels ; and Pritchard, of London. It has been arranged that the next Otological Congress be held in Brussels in 1888 ; and an organizing committee has been nominated, Dr. Urban Pritchard representing Eng- land. Dr. Thaddeus Johnson has resigned the Chair of Surgery in the Southern Medical College, on account of his health. He is succeeded by Dr. J. McF. Gaston, formerly of Columbia, S. C. %^m^\\^s aticl ^loticcs. A Text-Book of Practical Medicine : Designed for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By Alfred L. Loomis, ALD., LL.D., Professor of Pathol- ogy and Cheap Atrovent Practical Medicine in the Medical Depart- ment of the University of the City of New York, Visit- ing Physician to Bellevue Hospital, etc. With two hundred and eleven illustrations. 8vo, pp. 1,102. New York : William Wood & Co. 1884. The popularity of Professor Loomis as a medical teacher will of itself do a great deal toward making this book a success. But it need not rely on this. Independent of the author's reputation the volume can speak for itself, as a comprehensive and practical treatise on general medicine. The Purchase Atrovent first thing which impresses the reader is the systematic arrangement of the various diseases dis- cussed. In so far, the author stamps his work with the results of his experience as a clinician. His aim appar- ently is to draw the outline of general principles with a rigidity and distinctness which admits of no question. This is, however, rather a virtue than a fault, considering the aim of the book. It brings out the strong individu- ality of the author. It is a positive book from begin- ning to end, bringing out the strong views of a practical man. The style is terse and perspicuous, the descrip- tions of diseases and the indications for treatment are direct, practical, and force upon the reader the convic- tion that the author not only understands his subject in all its bearings, but has the faculty of taking others with him. While it may be difficult to conceive the possibility of originality in a work like this, there is enough of such an element about it, in anangement and general treatment,

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