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409 blood with a seventy-five per cent, solution of common salt, slightly coloring with methylene violet, and pro- tecting with paraffine. Preparations were also made of blood taken from other parts of the body. The best re- sults were obtained from the examination of unmixed blood, and simply colored with methylene violet. The red blood-globules were normal as to form, but were pale, and the coloring-matter was diffused in the plasma ; they had, moreover, no tendency to form rolls, as in the normal condition. Here and there were groups of leu- cocytes, and in their midst a granular substance. Under a 1,500-power, it was seen that the granular masses were formed of piastrine (Bizzozero), or haematoblasts{Hayem). The red disks were rapidly dissociated on the addition of distilled water. In examining blood which had been preserved the same results were obtained as with fresh blood. The blood which had been kept in vessels remained fluid, of a syrupy aspect, dense, and \vine-colored. Three months after death it had the same characteristics, never emitting the peculiar odor of putrefaction, but only a strong em- pyreumatic odor, very like Liebig's meat extract. The liver, spleen, and pancreas were examined histo- logically. The kidneys were in a Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets state of commencing interstitial nephritis. In the liver, the capillaries near the interlobular vein were markedly engorged. The pancreas was extremely soft, and of a pale yellow color ; there was complete fatty infiltration of the granular cells, which accounted for the macroscopic appearance of the organ, but this condition may have existed before the injury which caused death. It is interesting to note here the experiments of Bufa- lini, in which he injected 30 c.c. of blood from the inferior vena cava of this man into the peritoneal cavity of a guinea-pig ; it had no noxious effect whatever. This con- firms the results obtained by Albertoni, from which he concluded that the active and poisonous substance of a serpent may be considered as a true poison, and its ac- tion may be compared to that of an alkaloid. trouble in the necessary organization. It is, however, one thing to say what the poor should do, but another thing to help them in doing it. The end to Atorvastatin Ca be attained by keeping them clean justifies itself beyond argument, and, fortunately, the means are easy of adoption and comparatively inexpensive. BATHS FOR THE POOR IN WINTER. The communication by Dr. Tauszky in the present issue is one of much interest to all who may have at heart the improvement of the sanitary condition of the poorer classes. The proposition to provide bathing facilities at all times, for the great unwashed, is one which needs only to be mentioned to be commended. It is impos- sible to estimate the Atorvastatin Trials amount of sickness which may be prevented thereby, aside from the individual comfort which is sure to result to such as may be brought to enjoy this very necessary measure. We do not care at present to speak of the details of the plan j these are calculated to take care of themselves when once the soundness of the principles are fully appreciated by the Discount Atorvastatin authorities. It is pre-eminently a subject which deserves the attention of Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg the civic authorities, and it is to be hoped that his Honor the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen will give some direct and practical turn to the suggestion. The medical profession can be counted as a unit in favor of it. In fact, Atorvastatin Brand Names we fail to see how any argument can be used against it, except the comparatively trivial one of the expenditure of a small amount of money with a little Mews of tTxe ^^ccTi. American Gynecological Societv. — By the omis- sion of two words in the transmission of our telegraphic report, it was made to appear that the President's ad- dress was not delivered. It should have read, was post- poned until to-day (Thursday) on account of sickness. On Thursday morning Dr. Albert H. Smith, of Phila- delphia, delivered the President's address, entitled, "The Present Aspect of the Puerperal Diseases," in which he reviewed the literature, the theoretical, Atorvastatin Spc and the clinical aspects of the subject, and then devoted considerable space to criticisms on the germ theory of the diseases as set forth by Pasteur. Malarial H^ematuria and Pernicious Intermit- tent Fever. — Dr. Thomas J. Moore, of Richmond, Va., desires us to make some slight changes in the report of his remarks on malarial fever before the Medical Society of Virginia, at its late session (see The Medical Record, September 20, 1884, p. 328). He did not say that he had frequently met with cases of malarial haematuria in North Carolina, where he had practised, but in the practice of his brother practitioners in the northern part of Ala- bama. He is made, in Atorvastatin Fenofibrate the report, to say that he uses quinine hypodermically in ordinary malarial fever, where- as he said that he was in the habit of using the salt in that manner in cases oi pernicious intermittent fever. The Examination to Fill the Position on the House Staff of the Presbyterian Hospital will be held at the Hospital on November 3d, at 2.30 p.m. For particulars address Rev. Thomas G. Wall, Superinten- dent. Remedies for Cholera.— M. Vulpian has made a report to the Academic des Sciences upon two hundred and fifty remedies for cholera, which have heen sent by persons desiring to obtain the Bryant prize of 100,000 francs. Some of the discoveries modestly ask that they may be sent to Marseilles in Atorvastatin Ppt order to test their remedies. The Washington International Medical Con- gress. — The Committee on Organization of this Congress has been constituted as follows : Drs. .Muslin Flint, of New York ; I. Minis Hayes, of Philadelphia ; Lewis A. Sayre, of New York ; Christopher Johnston, of Baltimore ; George J. Engelmann, of St. Louis ; J. S. Brown, U. S. Navy, and J. S. Billings, U. S. Army. Significant. — The British Journal of Homoeopathy, one of the oldest journals of its class, will cease to be published after this year. An Investigation by the New York State Board OF Health. — The New York State Board of Health is said to be about to undertake a collective investigation upon the question as to when a patient convalescent from an infectious disease ceases to be capable of con- veying the infection. 4IO THE MEDICAL RECORD. [October ii, i{ The VERMO>rr State Medical Society holds its seventy-first annual meeting at Montpelier on October 15 and 16, 1884. The presiding officer is Dr. S. S. Clark, of St. Albans. Papers are Atorvastatin Calcium Generic to be read upon " Diph- theria," "Rupture of the Uterus," "Laceration of the Cer- vix," and other subjects. Dr. J. S. Richmond, of Wood- stock, Vt., is Secretary. Responsibility for Payment of a Consulting Physician. — A Atorvastatin Generic Availability -test case, says the Canada Lancet, was recently tried in Belleville, Ontario, to determine whether or not a patient is liable for the fees of a medical man who is called by a friend or relative. In this case the brother of the patient summoned the consulting physician, who assisted in the amputation of a finger. The patient refused to pay the consulting physician, on the ground that he had not engaged him, and told him to look to the attending physician for his fee. The judge who tried the case ordered a non-suit, holding that the patient was responsible only to the physician he engaged. Mr. Lawson Tait, while at Hamilton, Ontario, opened the abdomen Atorvastatin Canada for supposed gall-stones and found car- cinoma instead. Infectious Disease may Render a Lease Void. — A decision was recently rendered in England by Mr. Justice Field in a case where a claim was made for rent for furnished apartments for the term of the lease, the les- sor refusing to occupy the house because, after the lease was made and before the lessee vacated the apartments, a case of an infectious disease appeared in |the rooms. The defendant claimed that the existence of a contagious disease in a house rendered it uninhabitable, and the justice rendered a decision favorable to the defendant. The New York Neurological Society held its first regular meeting for the season, on October 6th. A paper on "Gastric Neurasthenia" was read by Dr. L. Weber, and one on " Pseudo-bulbar Paralysis" by Dr. W. Browning. The Medical Section of the French Congress for the Advancement of Science. — Among papers of interest read before this section, was one by M. Chaumier on " The Epidemic and Contagious Nature of Acute Pneu- monia.'' The author thought that pneumonia was a con- stitutional infectious endemic disease, sometimes, though rarely, propagated by direct contagion. It Teva Atorvastatin had a germ which could retain vitality more or less long in dwelling- houses. M. Chaumier thought it wrong to poison with drugs persons already poisoned with disease, and advo- cated the treatment of pneumonia by baths alone. M. August Ollivier read a paper upon the " Pathogeny of Herpetic Angina," in which he sought to establish the view that it was a neurosis generally of the middle branch of the trigeminus. M. Bessette urged the use of the thermo cautery to the entire exclusion of the scalpel in the treatment of spontaneous gangrene. The Cholera. — It is Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin seventeen weeks since the chol- era first appeared in France and over eleven weeks since it appeared in Italy. The deaths from the disease in France have averaged about 375 per week, while in Italy the average has been 1,000 a week. A Roman paper estimates the total number of deaths up to October ist at 10,800. There is every indication that the force of the epidemic is now spent, in Italy as well as in France and Spain. The total number Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin of deaths from cholera in Italy on October 7th was only 44, in France 8, in Spain I. K correspondent Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg of the New York Times writes that the mastery of the Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics plague in Genoa is really the first fine medical feature of the whole siege. Immediately after the pest broke out with virulence in that city, a fortnight ago, the authorities had the water supply analyzed, and they discovered that of the three sources of supply, that of the Nicolai Company was awful. The municipal works' supply was pretty bad, and that of the Gerzenti Company was pure. Immense and costly efforts were promptly made to shut off the first two sources and to turn the latter water into all the pipes. An Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate immediate im- provement was noticed, and the mortality declined after eight days, instead of advancing for weeks, as has usually been the case. We learn by cable Sandoz Atorvastatin also that the commis- sion sent to Marseilles has made an elaborate report of many experiments with microbes, all of which were failures, and that Dr. Klein has shown contempt for the microbe theory by swallowing a quantity of bacilli without harm- ful result. The Marseilles commission found it could mathematically trace a cholera patient's condition by an hourly examination of the blood, the healthy globules re- maining stationary and the unhealthy ones flowing be- tween columns formed by others and taking them gradu- ally off until the column is ruptured. The commission affirms that cholera is not contagious, and it concludes that while we know better than our predecessors what the cholera is not, we do not know what it is. The Acad^mie de Medecine met September 9th.

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