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down to conditions belonging to the patient's state of health and to his surroundings. Diseased kidneys or bad hygienic conditions rendering the result of any sur- gical operation doubtful Artane 2 Mg may lead to disaster here. But these conditions may be ascertained by reasonably care- ful investigation ; and, after failing to find any unfavor- able condition, we may operate with the expectation of a good result. The Detection of Mercury in the Urine. — Ac- cording to Dr. Schuster the ordinary tests are of no value in the detection of verv minute cjuantities of mercury in the urine. He recommends the treatment of the fluid to be examined according to the plan proposed by the chemist Herr Schridde. The urine Artane 1 Mg is acidulated by mu- riatic acid and submitted to a current of sulphuretted hydrogen and then set aside to stand for twenty-four hours. The sediment which forms contains sulphide of mercury, uric acid, mucus, etc. This is separated by filtration, and both the filter and the sediment which it retains are treated by nitro-muriatic acid, and then dried until no more nitric vapors are given off. The residue is then dissolved in a small amount of water and the solution, slightly acidulated, is treated by the ordinary method of Furbringer. By this procedure it is possible, Dr. Schuster says, to detect Tuli^Trir grain of mercury. Archives M'edicales Beiges, July, 1884. Typhoid Ulcerations of the Throat. — The follow- ing are the conclusions of a memoir read by Dr. E. Rapin before the Medical Society of Geneva : i, the frequency of the occurrence of typhoid lesions in the fauces is greater than most authors admit ; 2, typhoid fever may begin with a sore throat accompanied by indolent ulcerations ; 3, the ulcers are superficial, rounded or oval, with Purchase Trihexyphenidyl slightly ele- vated borders, and indolent, their seat of predilection is on the anterior surface of the uvula Purchase Artane and the anterior pillars of the fauces ; 4, the diagnosis is usually difficult, and can only be determined with certainty by observing the geneial symptoms and the course of the disease ; 5, the lesions which characterize them are referable to the lymphatic system ; 6, these lesions are identical with those observed in other organs in this disease, and they indicate an identical pathogenesis ; 7, they are due to the direct penetration of the microorganisms of typlioid fever into the follicles of this region. — Rex'ista de Medicina y Ci- rurgia Pidticas, August 7, 1884. Fracture of Inferior Maxilla Generic Artane Treated with Sil- ver-wire Suture. — Dr. J. Craig Miller, of Lake City, writes : " John R , a miner at the Uli' mine, was thrown from the bucket and fell about fifteen feet. His inferior maxillary hone was fractured at the symphysis. I was sent for (four miles) and arrived about two hours after the accident ; found the left half displaced down- ward about half an inch. It was replaced without diffi- culty and tlie teeth firmly fastened together with silver wire, and lead-water and laudanum applied. No other treatment. I thought the wire would be Order Trihexyphenidyl Online sufficient, as the seat of the fracture was directly in the centre, and it has proved so. The man is over forty years of age." 4o6 THE MEDICAL RECORD. [October ii, i! The Medical Record A Weekly yo2trnal of Medicine and Surgery. GEORGE F. SHRADY, A.M., M.D., Editor. Published by WM. WOOD & Co., Nos, 56 and 58 Lafayette Place. New York, October ii, 1884. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSGCIA- TION. This body is to meet in its twelfth Annual Session Buy Artane Online at St. Louis, Mo., on October 14th inst. The session promises to be one of unusual interest, both on account of the locality where the meeting is held, and the importance ot the sub- jects which will be discussed. It is the first time that the Association has held a meeting in what may properly be called " Artane Price the West." If we may judge by the busy note of preparation for the meeting which reaches us, and the past reputation of the great metropolis of the West for munificent hospitality, the forthcoming Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online session of the Association, at St. Louis, will be on a scale of grandeur hitherto quite unknown to that hard-working body. All experience proves that however royally any city entertains this Association, it reaps one hundred-fold benefit from the influence which the latter exerts upon the State and the municipal governments. Public opinion is also enlightened, and rendered more favorable to the establishment of a well-organized sanitary adminis- tration, and the enforcement of health laws and ordi- nances. The Association meets this year at a very important juncture of sanitary affairs, and standing as our great National Congress of Public Hygiene, the results of its deliberations will be of wide import. It is the only or- ganization which, by its national character, its age, its reputation for honest and useful work, and the high official and scientific positions of its members, can Order Trihexyphenidyl at once grasp the great municipal State, national, and inter- national sanitary questions of the day, and formulate principles which must guide the action of legislatures. We look forward, therefore, to this meeting of the Asso- ciation, with the expectation that, in addition to its in- teresting daily work, some questions of pressing im- portance which must occupy public attention during the coming year will be duly considered and suitable action taken thereon. Perhaps the most important subject which can engage the attention of the Association will be our protection against an invasion of cholera during the next year. It is a fortunate circumstance for us that this Oriental plague, in its progress westward, has dallied so long beneath the sunny skies of Italy. It has thereby given us ample warning of its intended invasion, and enabled the Association to consider, in the most deliberate man- ner, the Buy Cheap Artane defensive measures which should be adopted. This is the first time in the history of cholera epidemic in this country, that there has been an organized body of Order Artane sanitarians and health authorities prepared, not only to bring to the discussions Artane Online of the questions of prevention the latest investigations of science and the experiences of sanitarians, but the large majority of them are them- Order Artane Online selves the official guardians of the public health of their respective communities, and the appointed agents to enforce preventive measures. The country may there- fore reasonably expect that, before the Association closes its session, cholera-prevention in all its phases will be discussed by experts, definite lines of action will be de- termined upon, and such combinations of authorities be organized as will give concert of action in the enforce- ment of defensive measures throughout the length and breadth of the land. A second subject demanding the attention of the Asso- ciation is the condition of our system of quarantine. The simple truth is that our so-called quarantines are a dis- grace to the country. They are little else than gigantic political schemes of plundering commerce and travel under the sanction of law. At home and abroad they are the laughing-stock of all advanced Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online students of preventive medicine. Thus far in the history of the Association this great defect in our system of health organization has been allowed to exist without even a protest. Numerous papers have been presented to that body, discussing the general subject of quarantines, but they have led to no practical results. We believe the time is now opportune for the Association to take decisive measures toward re- forming our system of coast defences against foreign pestilences, and the country will be disappointed if, in this emergency, the subject is again passed over in si lence. Again, the relations of the general Government to the measures of preventing the introduction of foreign epi- demics into this country, and their spread from one Buy Artane State to another, demands the most serious consideration of the Association. Through the efforts of the Association a plan was- perfected in 1879 of associating the general Govern- ment with State and local health authorities in well- devised and concerted methods of action to prevent the invasion and spread of epidemics. For three years that plan worked admirably and effectually, and the country- was protected, as never before, from the most dreaded of exotic plagues. The system of co-operation then established, with so much prudence and wisdom, has finally been destroyed by the reckless ambition of men intent only on wielding that power which comes of ex- pending the public funds. The National Board of Health, selected with so much care by the President and Senate, as the agent of the Government in its future san- itary work, has been superseded by an officer of the Treasury Department without law or appointment. The laws, so carefully drawn to guard against the encroach-, ment of National upon State and Municipal authority, and secure the judicious and economical use of the pub- lic money, have been purposely allowed to lapse, that there might be no restrictions upon the self-constituted agent who usurped the office and functions of the Board of Health. To-day, therefore, the field of National san- itary legislation is a blank, and it is for the Association October ii, 1884.] THE MEDICAL RECORD. 407 to determine Artane Tablets whether the interests of the pubhc health will be best subserved by a well-organized Health De- partment at the capital, acting under the restrictions of suitable laws, or by an irresponsible bureau officer with- out sanitary knowledge or experience, and governed by no other law than his own. Bearing upon the same subject is a question of far wider application, which the Association ought to con- sider. We refer to international co-operation in the pre- vention of contagious and infectious diseases. There can never be any radical measures adopted and enforced which will strike at the very source of the propagation and spread of epidemic diseases until the great commer- cial nations of the world combine in good faith, and each in its respective sphere of operations fulfil its whole duty, whatever that may be. And this co-operation can never be established without an International Conference to which these commercial powers shall send delegates. The National Board of Health succeeded in securing one International Conference, by act of Congress, and so popular was the project that twenty-eight nationalities sent delegates. The informal discussions in this body of the measures of international co-operation proved that another conference, the delegates to which were em- powered to Buy Trihexyphenidyl agree definitely upon propositions to be sub- mitted to their respective Governments, could effect an international sanitary league, Purchase Artane Online offensive and defensive, which would eventually suppress such pestilences as cholera. The Public Health Association is capable of influen- cing Congress to take the initial step in caUing another conference of commercial nations, and the result could scarcely fail to be an agreement upon the terms of a treaty which would bind these nations to the rigid en- forcement of adequate regulations to prevent the trans- portation of infectious and contagious matters or dis- eases.

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