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Gall' gives an excellent illustration, particularly accurate as regards Aciphex Coupon Rebate the deeply depressed acute apex, but does not refer to it (Plate XIIL, under " 30 "). Burdach, who mainly follows Reil's description, gives an accurate Aciphex Pi account in his text, but his artist erroneously represents the fourth pair as aris- ing from each leumiscus, instead of from the valvula (Plate IV.). The lateral aspect is very well represented in the fifth plate of the same work. Reil recognized comparatively clearly that the lemniscus, in passing througii the pons, is dis- tinctly separated from the trans- verse fibres of the cerebellar ^4 system, and in many of the writ- ings and illustrations of his day, it may be seen that the so-called " bundle from the pes to the teg- mentum," described by Henle,' was considered, at least in its posterior division, a part of the lemniscus. Aciphex Savings Card One of the sharpest lines of separation of nerve-tracts is the one which in the pons region separates the lemniscus and the Aciphex Generic Equivalent transverse pons fibres. This line of separation was Aciphex Discount Card misinterpreted by the older anatomists. Vicq d'Azyr's artist, one of the most conscientious draughtsmen, has a, permitted his artistic interpreta- tion to encroach on anatomical truth, more in this than in any other detail of encephalic anat- omy. On Plate XXV. he makes a round nugget of the pons, comi)letely encasing it in a whitish shell, of which the dor- sal half is the bundle from the pes to the tegmentum, while the ventral portion Aciphex 40 Mg represents the superficial transverse fibres of the pons. The joining portions are altogether imaginary. He api)arently recognized the continuous tract of the above-mentioned bundle, but en- graved it from memory, notes, or hasty sketches — he cer- tainly had not the specimen before him — and confounded the posterior longitudinal fasciculus, the stratum inter- medium, and the tracts from the mamillary body, dupli- cating them in one place so as to be entirely incom|)re- hensible. The bundle overlying the line Order Aciphex Online of separation is very dis- tinctly and correctly represented on Plate XII. of Gall's atlas. The figure reference (85) reads : " Ligne de separation entre les parties antfirieures (ventral) et posl6rieurcs (dorsal) de la masse corcbrale ascendante," and evidently relates to the sharp line of demarcation which separates this fibre mass from the transverse pons fibres. The course of the tract as visible in sagittal sections is Buy Cheap Aciphex cor- rectly represented as being between the substantia /ligra {Ganglion Socinmeringii, E. C. S.), and the olivary region.' I have sections in my collection which are exact reproduc- tions of this plate, a signal confirmation of the accuracy of Gall's delineations. In order that the general reader may not become lost in the obscurity of the brain-axis terminolog)', I may be pardoned for digressing here to explain the meaning of some of the terms already used, and the topography of the parts with which we are about to deal. The brain axis or isthmus is the continuation upward of the spinal cord. It is the common trunk (hence the German term "Hirnstamm" or brain trunk) from whicii the two cerebral hemispheres crop out like swollen ter- \ Axis or Isthmus, with the Oblongata nearly AT represents this cut surface, on which the The isthmus is tilted tirely removed, by a sweep of the knife through th< of Purchase Aciphex Online the raph^, olivary nuclei, pyramids, an< such a way that the lateral and superior (d< rfacc : ddle cerebellar peduncle] ; mB, ditto of (posterior cerebellar peduncle) : tB, tB, ditto o^ tegmenta-brachium (anterior cerebellar peduncle) ; nected by the divided valvula, of which /r indicates the /rfnulum. Between the • Traill d'Anatomie et de Physiolozie, i XIV. 3 Anatomie et Physiologic du Syst^me Nc Paris, Aciphex Rebate Coupon 1818. Mcnschcn, iii., 1871. resuform columns are laintly 1 ... faces are simultaneously visible ; in other words, if the plane passing through both (ideal) retinal planes of the obsi be regarded as vertical and corresponding to the page, the axis of the isthmus deviates from this plane forward 45*, and upward in the plane 27". The following indicate the principal parts. A, of the oblongata : " ■ auditory nerv-e root. H, of the pons ://;, cut surface of /«^'///j ^r. niyelo-orachium {\ those of both sides . . , edge of the oblongata section and the semicircular combined section of the cerebellar peduncles, the anterior half of the fourth ventricle is set like a picture in a frame ; sz, while/r' indicates the fovea, from which a groove runs demarcating part of the auditory triangle. The other references are : 6, abdiicens (sixth) ner\'e roots ; 7, ditto Buy Generic Aciphex facial ; 5, ditto trigeminus : *, the trautus interraJicularis /a, anti-brachium : bp. hp', post brachium ; Gi, ganglion geniculatum internum ; Tpt, tractus trans-.fersus /^Aciphex Generic Available epiphysis (pineal gland) : Ce, ganglion ,^^*■«iV«/, optic tract : 2, optic nerve ; •*, reflection Aciphex Tablets of cndyma of lateral ventricle : t, insinuation of branch of optic tract between (7/ and thalamus to pass to ba ; tt, sin- gular tract-like elevation of thalamus surface, hitherto undescribed, and not equally well What Is Aciphex 20 Mg developed in all brains. minal branches, while the cerebellum is an excrescence of the trunk itself. In its When Will Aciphex Go Generic general shape, excUuling the inflections, it may be compared to an inverted truncated cone, for as we follow it u]) toward the cerebral heniisjjheres, it becomes wider and deeper, enlarging progressively in all directions. Tiie lower small end is the spinal termination, the upper wide end is the cerebral or thalamo-crural end. The entire axis may be considered under the following four heads : I. Thalamic division. 2. Mesencephalon (region Aciphex Buy of the corpora quadrigemina). 3. Pons. 4. Oblongata. In the main the thalamic division consists dorsally Aciphex Generic Name of two Generic Name For Aciphex great flaring-out masses, se|)arated by the third ventricle, ^'en- trally it includes the subthalamic region and that part of the eras which prepares to merge into the internal caj)- sule. The mesencephalon is marked dorsad by the four beautiful eminences of the corpora tiuadrigemina, ventrad by the symmetrical and cylindrical prominences of the tAine lere, Plates XXVI I. ai : et du Cerveau en parliculit ' Respectively rcliercnces 30 and a of the same plate. 596 THE MEDICAL RECORD. [October 1 1, i! crura (pes portion). The transverse section in adult man exhibits a black crescentic line on each side which sharply separates the crus proper (pes) from tiie dorsal part, which merges into the corpora quadrigemina and is known as the tegmentum. This black crescentic line is the substantia nigra of Soemmering. It constitutes the most important boundary line in the deep anatomy of the brain axis. w» ^ ^A>'S^ hi*' ' ^iijf — some of them in very high reli^if ** *^. — and depressions. Of the emi- V. ^^ nences, some, like the tuber cine- '•^f reum of Rolando, the olives, and the claviv, are due to the accumula- tion of gray matter beneath the sur- \qiMr. face at that point ; others, like the pyramids, the restiform columns, the crura, are due to the prominence at certain points of the surface of the great nerve-tracts. It is to this class that the eminence, known as ^mt£r^ the lemniscus, belongs. As represented in the figure 1. the elevation Is There A Generic For Aciphex of the lemniscus is a flat triangular field, with one trun- cated and two sharp angles. Of the latter, one, the superior (dorsal), comes in contact -with the super- ficial origin of the fourth pair of cranial nerves. The anterior corre- sponds to the (apparent) junction of the crusta z.x\A fost-brachiiim.'' The posterior truncated angle is overlapped by the redundant growth of the pons. While the anterior side of the triangle — that is, the one con- necting the superior and anterior angles — sinks below the post-brach- ium, the inferior side is in contact with the dorso-lateral edge of the crus, and the posterior (on which the

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