Parents, Carers and family members; we want your views

This review asks for your opinion on the impact, successes and failings of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006.  This includes looking at how well schools involve parents in what they do, and finding ideas to develop ways to better involve parents in the life and work of their schools. It is also hoped that it will inspire everyone to look at the most effective way of helping parents support children in Scottish schools.

A ‘Call for Evidence’ is a way to ask the public what they think,  gather information on what issues exist, and suggest ways of dealing with them.  It includes set questions, but can also involve people describing what their experience has been, or what their opinions are.

This call for evidence asks for your views as a parent.
It can be completed via online survey here
Paper copies can downloaded and printed out to be emailed or posted back, from here.  Or we can send you a copy.
You can contact the NPFS on 0131 313 8842 or by emailing
If you would like to return your paper copy to us please send them to Review Team, NPFS,  Rosebery House, 9 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5EZ
If you would like help completing the questionnaire please get in touch.

The survey will close on October 31st

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  1. Mrs A Dickson

    My children’s school is Fettercairn Primary in Aberdeenshire and I believe that the Head Teacher tries to involve parents as much as possible in their child’s progress at school, although it would be good to know what topics they are doing before they start them and also better communication as sometimes you only get told things a few dasy before it happens and don’t have time to prepare things or take time away from work. He is trying to find ways of making sure parents know about whats happening as often parent don’t bother to read newsletters, emails, etc so he is trying his best. We are very fortunate to have a good Parent Council at the school which also tries to ensure that parents are kept informed of whats happening and that parents are included in taking part with their children in activities at school such as Burns Lunch or Enterprise Day, where parents are invited in to school to assist children with activites and then stay for lunch.

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