SQA statement on Higher Maths exam

Many parents and pupils have expressed concern about the level of difficulty in this year’s new Higher Maths exam. SQA have commented that “no learner will be disadvantaged should it be deemed that the current and/or new Higher maths question papers were more demanding than intended” and have issued a statement which seeks to reassure candidates. The full statement is available here.

One thought on “SQA statement on Higher Maths exam

  1. It’s all very well saying no learner will be disadvantaged, but really is it necessary to make the paper that hard in the fisrt place. I am a teacher and believed stringent measures were taken to ensure consistency in standards and content of all exams. After my son has sat his new highers this year, I am now not so sure. This whole system is flying by the seat of its pants without adequate support for teachers and for these learners, who are guinea pigs this year, last year for n5 and next year for N7!!!

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