Invitation to Parents for ICT Expo in Stirling and Clackmannanshire


Thursday 13th November 6:30-8:30pm
Wallace High School

There are a number of examples of good practice already developed in schools, and further evidence of emerging practice, where technology is being used effectively to improve communication and support learning. These include use of mobile technologies such as iPads, tablets and smartphones, and use of apps such as Socrativ, Aurasma, Edmodo, Office 365, Twitter and many others.

This purpose of this Expo is to allow teachers and parents an opportunity to see some of these strategies being demonstrated. Please see the workshops below. It would be great if you could come along and participate. To register your interest, please click on the link below, enter your name and tick the box (its confidential)!
(Please note  – only your name is needed, this is to get an idea of numbers. Thanks)

Presenters/Workshop Leaders

  • Daniel Smith (Dunblane HS) – “Using Edmodo in the secondary school”
  • Danielle Smith (St Mary’s Primary, Dunblane) – “Using Edmodo in the primary school”
  • Emma McFarland (Riverside Primary) – “Using iPads in early years”
  • Lynsey McClintick (Balfron HS) – “Using Aurasma to share the learning experience”
  • Sheena Boyle (Balfron HS) and Ian Crawford (Balfron HS) – “Transforming the classroom – iMovie, Glow & Office
  • Sandie Murray (Dunblane HS) – “Feedback using Activote”
  • Alan Hamilton (Stirling HS) – “Instant feedback using Socrativ, ClassDojo & Edmodo quizzes”
  • Sandra Convery (Balfron HS)-“Personalised Learning”
  • Lynne Biagioni or Mike Falconer (Scholar Area Coordinator) – Using Scholar to support Learning

Phil Slavin and Rhona Robotham, (representing Stirling & Clackmannanshire Councils)
John Lamont (National Parent Forum of Scotland Area Representative for Clackmannanshire)
Corporate ICT Support from Dave Laughlin and Helpdesk Analysts
Schools ICT Support from Trudi Togneri, Ian Crawford, Jeff Barwick

Further presenters/volunteers greatly welcomed!!!
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