Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice

During Autumn 2013 the National Parent Forum of Scotland held two focus groups to consider the current information in the Supporting Children’s Learning Code of Practice and how children, young people and their parents could be successfully involved in education and learning. It was specifically about those issues that are of particular significance to parents with children with Additional Support Needs.

Reports from these focus group meetings are available here:


The discussion focused on what parents would like to see in the Code of Practice.  The Code of Practice will be structured around five topics:  Assessment (What are the child’s needs?), Planning (How can these best be met?), Delivery (How can this be done in practice?), Review (How is it going? What needs to change?) and Dispute Resolution (How should differences or disagreements be sorted out?).  Part of the discussion covered the question about whether parental engagement should be covered as an issue under each of these headings – or whether it makes more sense for it to be a ‘golden thread’ running through the whole document.

Other questions included:

  • What needs to be different about the way in which such parents are involved?
  • How should parental engagement involve children:  separately or with their parents?
  • What would really make a difference to parents with children with ASN?
  • Is the proposal to have a ‘named person’ a good idea?  What needs to be taken into account when putting this proposal into practice?

The NPFS will be involved when a draft of the new advice becomes available in the near future.