Scottish University Admissions Statements: Curriculum for Excellence

In recent weeks, most Scottish universities have issued statements about their admissions policies and how they will relate to the diverse range of potential Curriculum for Excellence learner journeys.
Pathways into university might involve sitting qualifications at school or college over the course of a number of years and universities are now setting out what their expectations and considerations will be with regard to learner progression into university.
Statements deal with considerations such as: how many Highers in one sitting are needed for university entrance? what consideration will be given to learner journeys which involve sitting Highers over a few years, progression into college, and then university?
Universities are recognising the diversity of learner journeys, although arrangements vary slightly from university to university and from course to course (as they do currently).
Please visit the following links to find out more.  A few more universities have yet to make their admissions statements; links will be added as they become available.
Tina Woolnough, Communications Officer, National Parent Forum of Scotland