Press release- All I want for Christmas is a new tablet…for school

The National Parent Forum of Scotland today calls on local authorities and schools to switch on their school Wi-Fi hubs to allow internet access for pupils to enhance their learning.

Iain Ellis, Chair of the National Parent Forum of Scotland, said:
“We are aware that there is Wi-Fi provision in a number of schools but that pupils are not yet being given access to this absolutely essential learning tool. Whilst we fully understand that pupil safety is paramount, we have to get to grips with using Wi-Fi technology, in order to help young people to use the Internet constructively for educational purposes. Increasingly it seems that almost the only place pupils can’t access the Internet is in schools. Schools are the very place where children and young people can be taught the skills to navigate the Internet safely and responsibly, and to use it to enhance and extend their learning”.

“Our children and young people access the internet at home or in libraries or in the many places where Wi-Fi is freely available. Parents and teachers do not always feel confident or comfortable about the Internet – but we cannot turn the clock back and we cannot let young people down by trying to hold back the tide. Schools and local authorities have a great opportunity to lead us in harnessing all the benefits of the Internet, and in helping us to avoid the pitfalls. We would like to see more progress in this, more quickly.”

For the full press release and background information, please click here: Press release- All I want for Christmas is a new tablet – for school