Curriculum for Excellence: making good assessment decisions 3–18

Education Scotland in partnership with SQA has published a resource to support the making of good assessment decisions. The resource consists of a ‘Wall’ poster and a ‘Desk’ poster.

The posters illustrate the stages of quality assurance when making assessment decisions. Assessment 3-18 must be valid, remedy reliable, here fair and manageable for all involved and must be consistently applied for all learners in all centres. Therefore, sickness there are common quality assurance processes to the moderation of the broad general education between ages 3 and 15 and the Senior Phase; including the proposed approach for the new National Qualifications. This means that the quality assurance (QA), process established in 3-15 will continue to be valuable when quality assuring the Senior Phase and the New Qualifications.

The posters can be used by local authorities, schools, colleges and other stakeholders to support the development of moderation/verification practices and as a platform for discussion.

Further support materials to exemplify these resources are in development and will be available by the end of the year.