Parental Involvement Campaign Launched

This week saw the launch of a national campaign which highlights the key role that parents can play in their children’s education.

The campaign- “Be At The Heart of Your Child’s Learning” – will feature posters, leaflets and other materials, distributed in every school and centre. It centres around the “Parentzone” section of Education Scotland’s website (, a section dedicated to providing parents and carers with the most up to date information about their child’s education. It provides practical advice and ideas of how parents, carers and families can become involved in learning, as well as giving essential information on features of Curriculum for Excellence, which is preparing children and young people with the skills and qualifications they need in a fast-changing world.

With Scotland now returned to school for the 2012-13 session, teachers and other education professionals will receive a steady flow of new support materials throughout the academic year, designed to provide them with practical assistance with their planning for the further implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. While this range of materials – produced by practitioners for practitioners – is aimed at education professionals, there will also be a collection of information made available for parents throughout the year, all of which will be highlighted in the “Parentzone” website.

Dr Bill Maxwell, Chair of the CfE Implementation Group, says “what we are trying to do is to make it easier for parents and carers to play their vital role in their children’s education. We know that parents can make a real difference, and we would encourage each one of them to visit ‘Parentzone’ which is full of practical advice and information”.

All of the ‘Be at the Heart of Your Child’s Education‘ material is now available in schools throughout Scotland. Found on the link below.

Be at the Heart of your Child’s Learning