Equipping people for sustainable careers

Skills Development Scotland are working with schools to introduce a new approach in Scotland that will transform the way that pupils plan for their futures. It will mean that pupils who need extra support to find a positive path into training, pilule education or employment can get one-to-one coaching, cialis while enabling the majority of pupils to draw on a combination of face-to-face, web-based and telephone services to meet their individual needs.

Young people will receive the level of support that’s right for them, with an ongoing review of their individual needs and circumstances. Services will respond to the way they learn, equipping them with the skills to take control of their future and to succeed in the modern workplace. In line with Curriculum for Excellence, career management skills will be embedded across the school curriculum and the latest technology and labour market research will be available to support young people to identify where their talents lie and how they will fit with careers of the future.

The interactive web service My World of Work is a key part of this approach, helping pupils to manage their careers by offering practical advice to help identify strengths, make course choices, build a CV, and choose a career. SDS colleagues are also drawing on innovative new models of career coaching to deliver improved face-to-face and telephone services.