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June 2012 e-newsletter: Enquire

Welcome to our June 2012 e-newsletter

It can be difficult to keep up to date with national developments in ASL when so much is happening locally. Enquire Within can help – whether you’re a parent, a pupil or a practitioner – there is something for everyone. So keep reading!

This month we’ve also got three great features from voluntary sector organisations that help children with additional support needs, their families and professionals that work with them – Seeme Scotland, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Scotland and Eczema Outreach Scotland. Find out more about the issues they are dealing with and the support they can offer.

Lessons learned from across Scotland: Conference report

If you missed our national conference, or you’d like a reminder of the key learning points of the day, have a look at our conference report. It highlights areas where delegates felt ASL practice works and where further development is needed. Read more ….

We’ve also added a new Common Question to our website. Find out more about who pays the costs if a child is placed in a school in another authority…

European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education (EADSNE)

Children in Scotland and Enquire are now representing Scotland on EADSNE. Find out more about its aims and work programmes …

Education and Culture Committee take evidence on ASL

During its meeting on the 15th May 2012 the Scottish Parliament Education and Culture Committee took evidence on additional support for learning.

They looked at issues from the Scottish Government’s first annual report on progress in implementing the ASL Act as amended and issues from a petition submitted by Enable calling for better ASL training for teachers and support staff. For more information see the Scottish Parliament Education and Culture Committee Official Report 15 May 2012

Children and Young People (CYP)

Check out our CYP blog. Look at recent posts about the work Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland are doing to collect views of young people with long term conditions or disabilities and the National Deaf Children’s Society’s new campaign ‘Look, Smile, Chat’.

BeXcellent – the new CYP website about Curriculum for Excellence

BeXcellent.org.uk is for pupils to find out what the Curriculum for Excellence is all about. It’s got things to think about, games and videos. There are also three competitions to take part in with great prizes like winning a new pair of shoes every month for a whole year!

A day in the life …

Elaine McNee, S.E.N Assistant, Kirn Primary School, Dunoon

Elaine provides a real insight into the busy life of a S.E.N Assistant explaining the different (and varied!) roles she plays in the lives of the children she supports. Find out more …

ASL myth

Can a child with additional support needs be excluded? Find out more …

New regulations: School and placing information

Scottish Ministers have published The Education (School and Placing Information) (Scotland) Regulations 2012. The regulations include details of the information to be made available about schools, placing requests and pupil support. View the regulations here.

Under the ASL Act, local authorities have duties to publish certain information including details about Enquire. For further information look at our Publishing Information resource.

Curriculum for Excellence: Want to know more?

There’s been a lot of coverage in the press about the Curriculum for Excellence and the introduction of the new national qualifications. If you are a parent – or you work with parents – and want to keep up-to-date with developments or find resources explaining what it’s all about, remember to visit Parentzone, Education Scotland’s dedicated parents’ website.

Other Education Scotland news

Education Scotland are planning two glow meets on ASL topics later in the year:

6 September 2012- A glow meet focusing on skills acquisition for pupils with social, emotional and behavior needs

13 September 2012: A glow meet concentrating on the development of skills to deepen learning for pupils with severe and complex needs.

In other news, look out for the re-developed Supporting Learners Glow Group at the end of June. There are also developments on their Supporting Learners website with enhanced pages for English as an Additional Language and Service Families.

Education of children affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

by Eileen Calder, FASD Scotland

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) can have a huge impact on the way children behave, cope with life and learn yet there are few visible signs. Read on to find out more about FASD, how it may affect children and young people and strategies to support them in school.

Eileen will be speaking at a joint Glasgow Council on Alcohol and FASD Scotland event in Glasgow on the 26th of June called FASD: What it is, How it Happens and the Impact on Education. Other speakers include Meg White, CEO Glasgow Council on Alcohol and Mary K. Cunningham, FASD Educator from Canada. For more information …

Also see Children in Scotland’s early years briefing on Fetal Alcohol Harm.

Reaching out to children with eczema and their families

Magali Spieght couldn’t find the information and support she needed as a carer for her daughter with severe eczema – so using her experience of being a parent and Project Manager she set up her own service. Find out more about Eczema Outreach Scotland…

Communication Matters: New CREID report

It’s not surprising that there are sometimes disagreements about the best way of meeting children’s additional support needs. But good communication, creating a positive atmosphere and ensuring mutual respect can help to avoid and resolve disputes, according to a new report from the Centre for Research in Education, Inclusion and Diversity (CREID).

The report discusses the legal and policy framework, the principles of good communication (including why difficulties can arise) and involving children and young people with additional support needs in decisions about their education. Visit the CREID website for more information.

see me – let’s stop the stigma of mental ill-health

Mandi Cliff, see me Campaign Development Officer gives an insight into the impact mental health problems can have on children and young people and offers some useful advice on how families and education staff can help. Find out more…

What’s going on?

For a full list of ASL-related events, visit the Events page of our website. Here are a few highlights for the coming months:

Managing very challenging behaviour – 15 June 2012

A new era for Scotland’s youngest citizens? Getting the legislation right – 18 June 2012

Why attachment matters for all in education – 14 September 2012

Dyslexia Scotland’s education conference: Addressing Dyslexia – 29 September 2012

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